• Q. I bought a bike and it is exactly one month for today bike, I was going at 40 speed and back brake doesn't work at that time so an accident has occurred with auto from front side of bike then first servicing is also doesn't complete, bike handle has bended and front body has lightly disturbed then in serving how much amount to pay for servicing - CB Shine?

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    Dr | 2 months ago

    It may be manufacturing defect. Better you lodge complaint to regional service manager by serving copy to production unit.

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    All | 9 months ago

    Simply ask the service person..note what ever he say the cost it will be less then that only in most of the cases ,or else you can go to outside service

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    Jugal | 9 months ago

    Consult your vehicle insurer and the showroom....you needn't to pay anything....company will replace the parts and insurance will pay to the company

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    Sunil | 9 months ago

    Whatever you have to pay, pay it and reimburse from insurance, but at 1st take enough pictures of the bike to claim the insurance

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    Kevin | 9 months ago

    You have one year insurance of bike so you should go to show room and ask to service manager they will help you.

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    Vivek | 8 months ago

    About 2-4thousand 450for Handel

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    Ganesh | 9 months ago

    1000 minimum

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    Mathi | 8 months ago


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