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Q. Which is better Duke 250 or Suzuki Gixxer SF 250?
  • Honestly my friend has a duke 250 and the ktm feels is a bit lacking, the grunt is not so much , the power is in the top revband which means you will have to push the bike while overtaking and it gets tiring after somedays , you will feel that its better to go on a scooter than your bike, the economy on duke 250 is worse than that on a second hand scooter, so unless you are ready to pay extra price for bike and have extra cash for petrol all the time, you go for duke, the new color in 250 bs6 duke is too good to ignore, but on the other hand , its not a ktm its a semi ktm , not that feel you get in 200 or 390.
  • Depends on what you like duke is a naked bike has more power and good mileage whereas gixxer sf is a fared bike with a little less but enough horse power and good mileage. Both are great bikes anyone you buy you will get your money's worth. I personally opted for gixxer sf as i love fared bikes
  • He is asking about 250 cc gixxer.. did you read the question first of all?
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Q. Bajaj Dominar is better or SF 250 - Gixxer 250?
  • Dominar will cost you more than sf and if you are a beginner or you don't want to be a full time rider don't buy dominar , its not for those who want daily commutes, dominar is made for touring purpose and it will serve as a commuter but not as a daily commuter, the traffiic will make dominar weak and its best suited for long range motorbiking, whereas suzuki is mainly focused on intercity and city riding , for upto 250kms or 400 kms suzuki best , suzuki cant go offroad easily , whereas dominar is better.
  • Dominar value for money 40bh 35 nm 400cc powerful engine
  • Suzuki gixxer 250 is value for money and powerful engine
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Q. How is the spare parts availablity and after sales service for Suzuki Gixxer SF250?
  • Spare parts will get once the company orders , Sales Service ( Buy oil from the workshop store and go get it changed outside along with getting all bushes checked and all bearings greased every 5K kms ) You have to clean chains at every interval of 400kms for best usability of chain and at 5K kms check chain tightness and tight if required ) Total cost for 5K kms 1000 rupees including oil and chain cleaning and labor.
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Q. Should I go with Dominor 400 or Suzuki Gixxer SF 250. If i am considering the build quality, Engine quality and a bit of touring but not more than 250km a day.
  • Japanese bikes are revolutionary machines. Their any product particularly. The built, ergonomics (very imp), the mechanicals - the most important for better performance are umatchable. Gxr250 is an amazing machine. Within the city 5 gears are fantastic, once higjway comes the 6th gear shows the potential of the engine. Easily cruising at 120 kmps with pillion.And the engine is patented.When you think of rx100, RD 350 you understand what amount of RnD they do to make superb products that last a lifetime. Think and decide
  • Dominor is the best. . Refined engine... And the service netowork is great..so if your on your trip.. and something goes wrong ( which would never happen) you can get it done irrespective of you being in any corner of India... And they do prioritize dominors over the other bajaj bikes so you would get your ride the same day.. and bajaj service stations are open all Sunday's too 😉
  • You can Blindly Go for Dominor 400 , Whenever You Wants You Can do Hyper Riding and You Can Cruise in 60 - 70 in 6Th Gear
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Q. Please suggest me a bike for daily office commute of 60 kms and on weekend around 400 kms on highway. my preference is comfort over power but not to underpowered, i have in mind few bikes like FZ25 , RTR 2004v, Gixxer sf250,RE himalayan, which bike would you guys suggest?
  • Among the selected options, we would suggest you to go with the Royal Enfield Himalyan as the bike continues to outshine the rivals as an all-rounder. Not only the bike has brilliant off-roading credentials, it comes across as an excellent city slicker. The seat is nicely scooped for the rider and is very comfortable even if you ride for longer hours. The Himalayan gets a 14-litre fuel tank. The brand claims a range of 400 to 500km on a tank full, which sounds good for distance riding. As for the engine, the all-new, air-cooled, 411cc single-cylinder engine feels very refined and churns out 24.8PS of power and 32Nm of torque. The fuel efficiency figures are good enough for someone to want to buy the Himalayan as his daily ride as well. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride of the bike for a better knowledge of comfort and maneuverability. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership details.Read More: - Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6: Road Test Review
  • Himalyan is most comfortable among your shortlisted bikes. You can also check the 650 twins (Interceptor or Continental 650)
Q. Which one is best r15 v3 r Gixxer 250 ???
  • R1i5 v3 bs6 150cc for its sports gene from Yamaha this time didnt compromise quality over looks.Aggressive seating position and cornering ability eith dual channel abs is a joy to see and ride. Gixer 250 is not that bad with 250 cc engine with fully faired sf and a naked one.Naked Is better than sf it can be compared to Duke 200 with v4s price tag light weight street king.But v3 can do all in style done by gixer. but both have almost similar fuel efficiency( 35 to 40 kms per litre z)Thanks.
  • R15 always because performance and mileage and is very reliable .Yamaha offers good service and the service cost is average..
  • Bro go for r15v3 Or if you have budget you can go for gixxer 250 It's your choice first take test ride before buying
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