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Preferred For : Daily Commute

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Adrian Joshua
Adrian Joshua 3.8 3 Sep 2019

I find that this duke is perfect for city commutes, getting to and from work is fun with this ride. Fun things: Its got power after you rev past a few RPMs, which means it is quick enough and you'll love it.I think this is the best looking ride in the naked bike segment in its class and slightly above as well. If you ride 20kms rather economically every day, Rs. 00 per week should cover your fuel expenditure. It is quite comfortable for those relatively long rides. The headaches: Sluggish performance when accelerating to the mid range from the low range, it"s almost as if though it does not want to sprint. Very annoying and dangerous whilst trying to overtake. Brakes are simply not powerful enough for the power output or high speeds. The absence of an ABS makes it worse and dangerous at high speeds. You would have to take it to a technician every now and then to adjust the slack on the chain for optimum performance. Parts tend to get damaged quickly within a year, and screws, nuts and bolts tend to fall off rather quickly. The rear shock absorber for instance was totally replaced even though I had been using it for city commute. The halogen bulb headlight makes the bike look bad. Could have come with a TFT screen. Conclusion: Fun city bike with enough power to thrill on an occasional long jaunt. You"ll eventually love riding it around town as long its maintained well at short intervals.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 30 kmpl
Tauqeer Khan
Tauqeer Khan 4.6 19 Sep 2019

In my opinion no bike comes near to styling of KTM Duke 250. Whenever I park my bike anywhere some people always try to touch my bike. In my office people whom I don"t know also know me by the bike. When it comes to power it"s got crazy power packed if you are beginner u will definitely lose the handlebars once this beast accelerates. I ride rough so I get mileage between 20-25 in city maybe if I ride smoothly I might get 30. Exhaust note is really beautiful once u go faster with higher rpm. When i bought bike my bike had lot of vibrations which went of after 1000km. Its a bike for people who don"t care about spending money. This bike has wide handlebars so it"s sometimes difficult to get through small gaps. This bike is also very heavy at 166kg if you are weak guy u will have lot of trouble moving the bike. Also the seat height is very high for 5"10 because sometimes when the ground level is a little lower than normal (like pothole or something) u will find it difficult to put legs down. But this can be avoided to certain extent by adjusting the rear suspension.I wouldn"t recommend this bike for short guys.Maintenance cost is around 1k per service.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 22 kmpl
Motovlog Northeast
Motovlog Nor.. 4.6 5 Oct 2018

It was in the late afternoon of April when my dad called me and asked me to accompany him to the city. I was bored at home so i went without any hesitation. Before long i was in Dibrugarh in front of KTM showroom1(boiragimoth). Dad went inside and talked to the store guys for some time. While i checked out the beast of a1bike, the duke 390. I was wondering how it would feel to ride a duke 390 one day when Dad tapped me on the shoulder and i followed him outside. Then we went home...i was excited that something was going on.. my dad wouldn't tell me why we went to the showroom. Then in the evening we had a delivery. A brand new duke 250. I1was super excited. I grabbed the key and jumped on the bike.. but dad stopped me and said this bike is not for you but for your cousin. I was heartbroken, as i was just given a Gixxer SF for my birthday and my cousin was1getting a beast. I went inside dejected and heartbroken.... after a few hours...i was called to ear1dinner...when i went inside... everyone was laughing.... I didn't knew what was going on.. i had my dinner and1was about to leave when dad stopped me....and everyone began laughing again.....then dad handed me the bike's key and said..its your because u did well in the mid terms...i was so happy

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 32 kmpl
Jeevan Biswal
Jeevan Biswal 4.6 7 Nov 2019

it almost 2years...i am the 2nd owner of my bike...i maintained it very carefully...this bike is so smooth and less heating issue..the beat thing is it gives the awesome riding comfort and millage..❤️city:25-30kmplHighway:39-45kmplbut in cons side the problem is only with head lights and tyres... still i just love this bike ...

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 32 kmpl
David Monish
David Monish 3.0 31 Oct 2019

Awesome bike without any hesitation.I bought this with my full satisfaction and the bike is also giving the full performance and torque is damn quick without practice of this bike it’s too hard to ride ...but I love the throttle when I give❤️

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 33 kmpl
Kunal Desai
Kunal Desai 4.6 24 Sep 2018

Wonderful Bike. Worth the MONEYTeaches you a lot about Leaning And tippng into Corners..Much better then the old dukes (agreed the torque and the Raw Power of the old Dukes is lacking) but that makes the New dukes more reliable Engines and are More fun to Ride as Overall Bikes.The Duke 250 is also a Perfect College Student or Daily Commuter bike as it puts Perfect Style and Milege needed for Indian Buyers.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 28 kmpl
Sarika Rathi
Sarika Rathi 4.2 27 Dec 2019

The best and most wanted bike for a college going student that will not hurt the pocket too if we see the features of this beastly bike.The only down side is that TFT display is missing in the motorcycle

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 34 kmpl
Friend 5.0 4 Nov 2019

ktm 250 ka sab se aacha feature ABS hai, ride me comfortable hai. City mein to 25-30 mileage deti hai aur highway mien 30 to 35 deti hai and bike is beautiful

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Gets mileage of : 30 kmpl
Honey Sharma
Honey Sharma 3.4 8 Sep 2018

faced problem with Gearbox after 5000 kms and problem in chain after 3000 km. light breaks while sitting on the pillion seat... people at service center are not repairing it warranty.... Engine is creating sound after 3000 kms feels like i have purchased a mountain of problems.... 200 is better than 250... maybe 250 means 250 problems😓

Uses this bike for : Tours
Gets mileage of : 34 kmpl
Dhananjay Chauhan
Dhananjay Ch.. 5.0 30 Nov 2019

mileage is about 28-30 in local (if you drive a little hard ). pickup is the best..as this bike s faster than many bikes on road in India.. 31.8 bhp means a lot...

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
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