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Viswa Kiran
Viswa Kiran 3.4 13 Apr 2019

Have test ridden it, with a pillion as well as a pillion.. on typical Bangalore roads.Had been waiting for this bike for an year, to be launched in India. Was inclined towards it because KTMs are now too abundant in India. Below is my opinion (Please don"t mind if it just feels like an onion ;)πŸ‘:1. Very cool and calm engine. Definitely not as harsh as a KTM.2. Excellent build quality. Everything looks premium.3. Very comfortable rider"s triangle and agile for SOLO RIDING. I"m 5"11" and felt so comfortable riding.4. "Out of the Herd" designπŸ‘Ž:1. Very bad GROUND CLEARANCE. Scratches almost every speed breaker of Bangalore, even for a solo rider. Softer suspension has also to be blamed here.2. Pillion will have a hard time holding on for his life. Forget about women, even men will have hard time. Thanks to the tiny pillion seat. Though it looks big enough in pictures, rider will occupy more than half of the place and pillion ends up sitting in air. Grab rails provided are useless.3. Due to light weight of the machine, with a pillion rider, the front part becomes so weightless and maneuvering becomes challenging.4. Despite the price, the bike looks tiny and doesn"t have the expected road presence. Being called a premium naked Street bike doesn"t just feel right for this machine. I"ve seen people cancelling their bookings after test riding it. Everything else is at ur discretion.

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides
Gets mileage of : 25 kmpl
RISHABH MISHRA 4.6 1 Apr 2019

I had a test drive yesterday it was way too smooth, infact i had two rides one cb300r and other with apache rr1310, as i was confused between the two, i have already booked cb300r and seriously there's no comparison between the two....cb300r was miles ahead..... The refinement and smoothness... It was lovely . Can't wait for the delivery man.... She was so sexy

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides | Occasional Commute
M 4.6 11 Feb 2019

It's is super stylish cafe racer bike & it is different from other bike it's like 1100 Ducati

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours
Gets mileage of : 33 kmpl
Arun Adithyan
Arun Adithyan 2.6 13 May 2019

I don't like it, I would rather pick the GT twins

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute
Sachin Sali
Sachin Sali 5.0 12 Feb 2019

Get red good looking super πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

Uses this bike for : Daily Commute | Tours | Leisure Rides | Occasional Commute
Gets mileage of : 40 kmpl

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