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Honda CB300R
Honda CB300R
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  • Abs assisted

    With the most advanced engine tech, Abs assisted by imu unit are the most exciting next level features in this honda.For me the down sides are pillion comfort, Headlight throw and the suspension system from endurance (cheap).

  • your desire, honda's responsibility

    Honda CB300R can be sweared upon as a very assuring two-wheeler model, which has made to my bucket list ever since its launch. Amazing part is that it has a 5 star rating in safety and security terms. It is so convenient in terms of weight and size which is beautifully planned to designed from the exterior to the interior, inside out. This two wheeler falls under the price range of budget on an average basis. I highly recommend this to anyone who is as crazy about decent bikes as I am and planning on buying one for them.

  • 4.6
    The Honda Shine stands out

    The honda shine stands out as one of the finest choices in the 125cc segment.Priced competitively at around rs.76, 000.It offers exceptional value, Slightly exceeding the cost of the cb shine.Its simplicity in design is complemented by a comfortable riding experience, Making it an ideal companion for daily commutes.The overall performance is impressive, And the low servicing costs contribute to its appeal.This bike seamlessly combines style, Comfort, And affordability, Making it a top pick in its class.My riiding experience has been nothing short of excellent, Making it the best value for money in my opinion.Highly recommended.

  • Owning this bike for 2 yrs

    Owning this bike for 2 yrs now.Less weight of this bike is good for city but not so for highways.I will give it a thumbs down.Fuel tank is of 9 litre.Average mileage is 33.Heavy riders will not be able to take it beyond 110kmph.Though the engine is capable.

  • 4.2
    Great bike

    Yes i have and i can surely tell it's a great bike but don't ride fast it effect the engine love your bike and it will love you back thanks

  • 4.2
    Title: The Honda CB 300R:

    Revving its engine into the realm of exhilaration and style, The honda cb 300r emerges as a beacon of pure riding joy.Combining honda's legendary engineering prowess with a sleek design, This remarkable machine will captivate both seasoned riders and those embarking on their two-wheeled journey.Prepare to be enthralled as we delve into the wonderful world of the honda cb 300r.Design and aesthetics:the honda cb 300r stands tall as a symbol of urban sophistication.With its aggressive stance, Sculpted lines, And sleek profile, It is an absolute head-turner.The bike's minimalistic approach blends seamlessly with its sporty character, While the led lighting system adds a touch of modern elegance.From its angular fuel tank to its split seats, Every element reflects honda's commitment to aesthetics and functionality.Performance and handling:the cb 300r's performance is nothing short of extraordinary.Powered by a lively 286cc single-cylinder engine, It packs a punch that belies its compact size.Delivering smooth power throughout the rev range, This engine is a testament to honda's engineering prowess.Whether you're navigating city streets or carving through winding roads, The cb 300r offers a spirited and responsive ride, Ensuring an adrenaline rush with every twist of the throttle.The bike's lightweight chassis further enhances its handling prowess.Maneuverability is effortless, Allowing you to seamlessly weave through traffic or confidently lean into corners.The nimble nature of the cb 300r instills confidence, Making it an ideal choice for both experienced riders and those honing their skills.Comfort and ergonomics:the cb 300r puts the rider's comfort front and center.The upright riding position strikes the perfect balance between sportiness and long-haul comfort.The ergonomics are carefully designed to reduce strain on the wrists and back, Enabling extended rides without sacrificing rider well-being.The plush seating and well-positioned footpegs ensure a relaxed and natural riding posture, Even during extended journeys.Technological innovation:embracing the demands of the modern rider, The honda cb 300r comes equipped with a host of technological features.The lcd instrument cluster provides a wealth of information at a glance, Including speed, Fuel level, Gear position, And more.Additionally, The inclusion of abs enhances safety, Instilling confidence by providing stable braking performance on various road conditions.Conclusion:the honda cb 300r is a triumph in the world of two-wheelers.With its striking design, Impressive performance, And thoughtful ergonomics, It redefines the standard for naked sport bikes in its class.Honda's commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative engineering shines through in every aspect of the cb 300r, Making it a joy to ride and a sight to behold.So, If you're seeking a bike that combines thrilling performance with urban sophistication, Look no further than the honda cb 300r.Get ready to embark on an adventure filled with freedom, Exhilaration, And endless smiles.

  • 3.4
    Solo riding

    Have test ridden it, with a pillion as well as a pillion.. on typical Bangalore roads.Had been waiting for this bike for an year, to be launched in India. Was inclined towards it because KTMs are now too abundant in India. Below is my opinion (Please don"t mind if it just feels like an onion ;)👍:1. Very cool and calm engine. Definitely not as harsh as a KTM.2. Excellent build quality. Everything looks premium.3. Very comfortable rider"s triangle and agile for SOLO RIDING. I"m 5"11" and felt so comfortable riding.4. "Out of the Herd" design👎:1. Very bad GROUND CLEARANCE. Scratches almost every speed breaker of Bangalore, even for a solo rider. Softer suspension has also to be blamed here.2. Pillion will have a hard time holding on for his life. Forget about women, even men will have hard time. Thanks to the tiny pillion seat. Though it looks big enough in pictures, rider will occupy more than half of the place and pillion ends up sitting in air. Grab rails provided are useless.3. Due to light weight of the machine, with a pillion rider, the front part becomes so weightless and maneuvering becomes challenging.4. Despite the price, the bike looks tiny and doesn"t have the expected road presence. Being called a premium naked Street bike doesn"t just feel right for this machine. I"ve seen people cancelling their bookings after test riding it. Everything else is at ur discretion.

  • Honda CB300R CB Power, Street Dominance.

    Everyride on my Honda CB300R is an City adventure, invested with a touch of café racer station and City dynamism. It goes beyond Clearly riding this motorcycle around the Highways of the megacity. It entails executing this with a touch of dramatic faculty mixed with a sense of Classic indulgence. With its satiny appearance and café racer vibe, the CB300R is a statement of City fineness on every Tour. It's not Clearly a bike. The vibrant and dynamic interpretation that the CB300R radiates ensures that every City Tour is met with a reflection of the rider's Nature.

  • Café Racer Spirit, Urban Dynamism.

    With a gusto of café racer station and City dynamism, everyride on my Honda CB300R is an City adventure. It's not Clearly about floating megacity Highways with this motorbike. It involves serving this with a hint of Classic fineness and a gusto of buoyant interpretation. Everyride on the CB300R is an expression of City fineness thanks to its streamlined Design and café racer Trend. It goes beyond a bike. comforting that every City Tour is saluted with the vibrance and energetic interpretation that the CB300R exudes, it's a glass of the rider's character.

  • CB300R User Reviews

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