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  • 5.0
    Happiest customer

    Hi i am one of the most happiest customer i can say as it has been almost 7.5 years i have been riding this scooty and trust me it has never ever given me a single moment of hardship.I bought it on 7th march 2016 and my travel was intensive ant that too on hilly resion of north bengal.At first i was a bit dicy and slowly i was confident enough to say that it was my right decision to get this one.No issues with the mileage and daily i used to commute around 150 km and still it was always a pleasent, Safe and economy rides.Mentinence was good as every month once i used to visit the showroom and get it checked and mind it still i am traveling the same and still the ride is like a new one.Love you dio.You were there during the thick and the thin.Thanks the makers.

  • Honda Dio is fun and simple

    Driving this bike is fun and simple as it is a lightweight machine and extremely simple to deal with in city conditions. It gives a mileage of 49 in city conditions which can go up to 53-55 in highway. Service cost is especially reasonable and genuine. Stylish looks of it which makes it stand apart from other scooters. But the form nature of parts is little of a worry as they will generally break with a touch of harsh use. Talking about its maximum velocity it can go up to 95 mph yet over 85 kmph some vibrations can be felt and at this much speed, there is great air impact.

  • cool and good Choice

    Driving this scooter is delightful and easy as it's a light machine and veritably easy to handle in the bad condition. It gives a avail of 49 in megacity conditions which can go up to 53- 55 in highway. Service cost is veritably important affordable and genuine. Engine performance is good with no heating issues. Stylish looks of it which makes it stand out from other scooters. But the figure quality of corridor are little of concern as they tend to break with a little rough use.

  • Nice comfort

    Nice comfort, Good built quality, Weight less, Super mileage feeling proud to be dio owner

  • Adding a dash of style

    Adding a dash of style to my Pune rides is the Honda Dio. Its trendy design and peppy engine make every ride through the city's bustling neighborhoods and serene parks a fashionable affair. The scooter's nimble handling and comfortable seating ensure a convenient experience, whether I'm exploring Koregaon Park's cafes or cruising along the picturesque Baner Road. It's not just a scooter; it's a reflection of my urban lifestyle and Pune's youthful and modern vibe.

  • 4.6
    I recently had the opportunity

    I recently had the opportunity to try out the honda dio scooter, And i must say, It was a fantastic experience.From its sleek design to its impressive performance, Here are a few reasons why i loved riding the honda dio: 1.Stylish design: the honda dio has a modern and eye-catching design that turns heads wherever you go.Its sporty look, Led headlights, And sharp lines give it a youthful and trendy appearance.2.Comfortable ride: the scooter offers a comfortable and ergonomic riding position.The seat is well-padded, And the handlebars are easy to reach, Making it enjoyable for both short commutes and longer journeys.3.Nimble handling: manoeuvring through city traffic is a breeze with the honda dio.Its lightweight construction and agile handling make it perfect for navigating tight spaces and weaving through congested streets.4.Fuel efficiency: one of the standout features of the dio is its excellent fuel efficiency.It's an economical choice for daily commuting, Saving you money on fuel costs in the long run.5.Reliable engine: the dio is powered by a reliable and efficient engine that delivers good acceleration and a smooth ride.It's responsive and handles inclines with ease.6.Practical storage: the under-seat storage compartment is spacious enough to accommodate a helmet or a few small items, Adding to its practicality for daily use.7.Advanced features: honda has equipped the dio with modern features like a fully digital instrument cluster, Mobile charging socket, And an integrated pass switch, Enhancing its convenience and usability.8.Trusted brand: honda is known for its quality and reliability, And the dio is no exception.It's backed by a trusted brand that offers excellent after-sales support and service.In conclusion, The honda dio is an excellent choice for urban commuters and riders looking for a stylish and reliable scooter.It offers a comfortable ride, Great fuel efficiency, And a range of features that make it a top pick in its segment.I highly recommend giving the honda dio a try for your daily commuting needs.

  • incorporating into the civic shade

    With an air that captures concentration subtly, the Honda Dio emanates an admixture of aesthetics and mileage, painlessly incorporating into the civic shade. Its machine's spirited prowess balls with the megacity's measures, conning complicate thoroughfares with an ingrain fineness. Responsive and invisible running delivers an experience that whispers through the senses. In the demesne of frugality and attachment, the Dio reigns supreme, an obscure idol of the daily grind. Though concealed, its storehouse is a treasure trove of surprises. Lit by futuristic LEDs, orchestrated by digital orchestras, the Dio orchestrates peregrinations, making it a name to be stated in quieted tones.


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