You’ll Now Have To Pay More For The Activa & Other Honda Scooters

The price bump isn’t very high and shouldn’t be deal-breaker

With the new financial year commencing, the price hikes for two-wheelers were almost inevitable. Like all the major brands, Honda too has revised the prices of its scooter offerings in India for the second time; the first price hike was made in January. Anyway, here’s the list of all the scooters with their latest pricing. 


New Price

Old Price


Activa 6G

STD: Rs 67,843

DLX: Rs 69,589

20th Anniversary Edition STD: Rs 69,343

20th Anniversary Edition DLX: Rs 71,089

STD: Rs 66,799

DLX: Rs 68,544

20th Anniversary Edition STD: Rs 68,299

20th Anniversary Edition DLX: Rs 70,044

STD: Rs 1,044

DLX: Rs 1,045

20th Anniversary Edition STD: Rs 1,044

20th Anniversary Edition DLX: Rs 1,045


STD: Rs 63,273

DLX: Rs 66,671

Repsol Edition: Rs 69,171

STD: Rs 62,229

DLX: Rs 65,627

Repsol Edition: Rs 68,127

STD: Rs 1,044

DLX: Rs 1,044

Repsol Edition: Rs 1,044

Activa 125

STD: Rs 71,674

Alloy: Rs 75,242

DLX: Rs 78,797

STD: Rs 70,629

Alloy: Rs 74,198

DLX: Rs 77,752

STD: Rs 1,045

Alloy: Rs 1,044

DLX: Rs 1,045


Drum: Rs 75,859

Disc: Rs 83,185

Sports Edition: Rs 84,185

Drum: Rs 74,815

Disc: Rs 82,140

Sports Edition: Rs 83,140

Drum: Rs 1,044

Disc: Rs 1,045

Sports Edition: Rs 1,045

The increment is nominal and shouldn’t be a bother to Activa 125, Activa 6G or even Dio buyers. Honda hasn’t made any mechanical or cosmetic changes to compensate for the increased prices. This revision is majorly to offset the commodity costs.

Earlier this year, Honda also introduced a sporty makeover for the Grazia 125. In a related development, Honda has joined forces with three more Japanese two-wheeler giants to make a move in the electric vehicle segment. Head here to read the complete story.

*All prices ex-showroom Delhi

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