BREAKING: Honda Dio Gets The H-Smart Treatment!

  • Jun 12, 2023
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More features and better looks for India’s OG sporty scooter

After the Honda Activa 6G and Activa 125, Honda has now updated India’s OG sporty scooter, the Dio, giving it a bunch of new keyless features. Everything you need to know about it here:

What's The Price? Who Are Its Rivals?

The Honda Dio has been priced at Rs 70,211 for the standard variant and at Rs 74,212 for the Deluxe trim, both of which are Rs 1,586 more than before. The new top-of-the-line Smart variant, meanwhile, will cost you Rs 77,712 (all prices ex-showroom Delhi). It then goes up against the Hero Xoom 110, Hero Pleasure Plus, Maestro Edge 110 and the TVS Jupiter.

How Many Variants Are There?

As we mentioned previously, the Dio is on sale in three variants: Standard, Deluxe and Smart. The Deluxe buys you digital instrumentation, an LED headlight and contrasting wheels which are absent on the Standard trim. The Smart variant will get you all the keyless features, more about which you can read below.

What's New?

What’s most obviously new is an OBD 2-compliant 110cc engine. The Deluxe and Smart trims Dio come with alloy wheels that are straight off the Activa 125. And as the name suggests, the Smart variant of the scooter gets the same set of features that Honda offers on the H-Smart variants of the Activas. Here’s all that it gets: 

Smart Find

If you’re in the vicinity of your scooter, you can find it by pressing the answer back button. It will light up all the four indicators twice

Smart Unlock

You can lock or unlock the scooter without inserting the physical key. With this enabled, if there’s no activity after 20 seconds, the scooter will automatically lock its handle

Smart Find

If the Smart Key is within the range of two metres of the scooter, then the rider can start it by rotating the knob on the apron to ‘Ignition’, and push the start button. There’s no need to insert the key with this feature

Smart Safe

The Smart Key and the ECU have an electronically matching ID, and the former has an immobiliser system that, as per Honda, prevents a non-registered key from starting the engine

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One final set of updates includes new graphics and colourways, of which the Pearl Igneous Black looks the most attractive.

What's Changed?

While the motor is an updated one, its output figures haven’t changed and they still stand at 7.76PS and 9Nm. Underpinnings like the brakes and suspension haven’t been tinkered with as well.

What Should've Been Changed? 

While these modern bits are appreciated, we wish the Dio got more of them. We would’ve appreciated something like Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation. 


Yes, the Honda Dio looks fresher than ever but one simply can’t shake off the feeling that it’s a bit dated. Something like the Hero Xoom 110, which not only looks better but also packs more features, both at a slightly lower price, sounds like a much better deal. So while the Dio fanboys might like it, the more pragmatic buyer would go for the Xoom. 

Honda Dio
Honda Dio
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