• Q. What is difference between ABS and STD?

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    Chhanhima | 10 months ago

    Anti lock braking system or ABS was been there since a very long time back but not so popular in India mainly because of the price,but was a very useful safety features. In ABS, when the brake was suddenly pressed, the wheel will not lock up and your tyres will not skid.This is very useful during rain or on muddy surfaces where traction are low.The sensor present on the wheel itself detect any sudden changes in wheel speed or if the wheel is going to lose traction.It will help you by engaging and disengaging brakes automatically so you can stop safely without skidding. In non abs, braking was more risky at high speeds and stopping distance is much longer then an abs version. The only difference in a pulsar220 is that in an ABS version there will be ABS sensor at the front disc and real wheel lift protection was there which is much safer.It is a single channel abs because of price concern but is more then enough.

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    RAJDIP | 1 week ago

    Abs is very important for your safety. So i prefer abs version.. STD means standard braking ABS means automatic braking; prevents braking locking up wheel if hard braking. Abs is anti lock breaking system.

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    ACSM | 4 months ago

    ABS is ANTILOCK BREAKING SYSTEMSTD IS I don't know it's long form.but if u apply rear break u r front wheel also come slow down. this system is comes with below 125cc bike's.

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    Rohit | 2 months ago

    STD means standard braking ABS means automatic braking; prevents braking locking up wheel if hard braking. Abs is anti lock breaking system. ... It's anti lock braking system

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    Aheesh | 12 months ago

    ABS-Antilock Braking System, A new technology for brakes. More safety and superior than any other braking system.STD- Standard, Disc brakes or normal braking system.*Govt. of India made it mandatory that, All Two wheleers ( 120cc+) that are manufactured from *APRIL 2019* Should have default ABS Braking system.

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    I | 10 months ago

    In KTM RC 200 - There is not much difference between STD and Single Channel - ABS, Everything is under "Rider" only, ( For STD Version - Try this step---> If your going by 60 to 100 MPH ----> Use Brakes by 70:30 Ratio. { Front 70: Rear 30 } Bike will stop like ABS

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    Mr | 4 months ago

    If you are planning to buy bike then choose ABS, The only difference in these two is Abs more advance brake than STD.

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    Chhanhima | 10 months ago

    In short STD or standard does'nt come with ABS and will be cheaper but now due to the new safety regulation all two wheelers above 150cc must compulsorily come with at least single channel ABS.

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    Sainik | 4 months ago

    ABS contains dual disc barkes with ABS on front wheel and STD cotains dual disc brakes with no ABS.

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    Pr | 10 months ago

    Abs or anti lock braking system it's work very smart.It is useful in rain and compare with non abs it was not skid.But non abs skidding very.std it is less price than abs in India.

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