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Finally, TVS has officially launched the Apache RTR 160 4V. TVS offers 5 Apache models in India. TVS Apache RTR 160 is the lowest priced model at Rs. 78,715 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi) and New TVS Apache RR 310 is the highest priced model at Rs. 2.17 lakh (Ex-Showroom, Delhi). TVS borrowed the technological prowess from their racing motorcycles and watered them down to their production models. As a result, the Apache was born. The Apache became TVS answer to the popular Pulsar series from Bajaj. The Apache RTR 180 is the first and the cheapest bike with ABS available in India. The RTR 200 4V is powered by an oil-cooled engine coupled with a five-speed transmission. Top cycle parts like synchronized stiff chassis, petal brakes, functional aerodynamic cowl used in the Apache ensures maximum performance.

TVS Apache Price

TVS Apache price starts at Rs. 87,778 for the cheapest model Apache RTR 160 with a 159 cc engine claiming mileage of 60 kmpl and goes up to Rs. 2.40 lakh for the top model BS6 Apache RR 310 with a 312 cc engine. TVS offers a series of 9 new Apache models in India. Apache RTR 160 (Rs. 87,778), Apache RR 310 (Rs. 2.28 lakh), Apache RTR 160 4V (Rs. 92,306) are among the popular bikes from this TVS Apache commuter bike family. Select a Apache bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

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Recently Asked User Questions about TVS Apache

Q. Is TVS BS6 Apache RTR 200 4V suitable for long distance ride e.g 600km-700km continuous riding?
  • Yes, you may ride it long durations but we would suggest you to ride it at economic speed as riding the bike fast continuously for miles may cause engine heating issues and hamper the engine health and performance.
Q. When will TVS Apache RTR 200 4V be available to buy in Madurai?
  • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0 is available in the Indian market and in order to get details about the availability of the bike in your city, we would suggest you to contact the nearest authorised dealership ass they would be the better people to assist you in this concern.
Q. Whether the latest TFT instrument console and throttle by wire technology can be assembled in BS4 2019 model?
  • As per the frame and ECU of BS4 Apache RR 310, TFT instrument console and throttle by wire technology won't be compatible with the bike. Moreover, we would suggest you to exchange your words with the authorised service centre in order to get confirmation for such modifications. Check out nearest authorised dealership details.
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TVS Apache Expert Reviews

  • TVS Apache RTR 200 : Detailed Review
    TVS Apache RTR 200 : Detailed Review

    The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is finally here and we ride the latest entrant in the performance bike segment at TVS’s test track facility in Hosur

    Jan 20, 2016
  • TVS Apache RTR 180 : Detailed Review
    TVS Apache RTR 180 : Detailed Review

    The new Apache RTR 180 carries the same hooligan character of the old Apache RTR 160, but makes it more tractable for the street without losing its track focus. Varad More straddles it to find out if it has the go to match its show

    Jul 8, 2009
  • 2020 TVS Apache RR310 First Ride Review
    2020 TVS Apache RR310 First Ride Review

    An able, awesome all-rounder, but it was missing a little something. Has the Apache RR310 found a splash of magic in 2020?

    Feb 1, 2020

TVS Apache User Reviews

  • Apache RTR 160
    1305 ratings
    Apache RTR 160

    I am a fan boy of Apache bikes because of its looks and exhaust sound so i bought a Apache RTR 160 and i was stunned by its performance i use the bike for daily commute and some tours and my daily commute is in Bengaluru and the bike is comfortable with the traffic and i do tours i traveled 600 kms in a day without any issues and the bike was comfortable and yes there is some vibes around some places at high revs thats not a issue once you ride the bike you will get used to it and it gives a felling of raw power being delivered and Apache has the best looks and performance in its segment and the build quality is best The mileage i got is 45-52 After sales service is just prefect here in Bengaluru if here is any problem they take it seriously and fix it Every one who rides Apache will love it💖RTR💖

    T 2 weeks ago
    Apache RTR 160 User Reviews
  • Apache RR 310
    274 ratings
    Apache RR 310

    I use it for going to office which is 5 kms away approximately, I did small tours riding 200-300 kms a day. If you go with a pillion, you might feel a little discomfort in your wrists and forearms due higher weight. Bike is not built for off-roading at all and the tyre will lose grip if you have a pillion putting more pressure on back tyre if the road is very bad. Brakes could have been much better and the back brake need to be changed it does not do justice to the bike. Apart from that it is one of the best bikes you can buy under 3 lakhs. If you want to get into sport bikes this may be a good start. If the roads are good bike is very stable and rev-happy and gives a very good initial punch. If you mostly do highway riding and commutes on good roads go for it blindly. Also the gear sometimes does not shift neutral to first, it gets stuck, I raised this concern with the service center but they did not resolve it. hope they mitigate this issue, as it really causes problems when you are stuck in traffic.

    Vivek 1 month ago
    Apache RR 310 User Reviews
  • Apache RTR 160 4V
    880 ratings
    Apache 160 4V

    Hello I have purchased tvs apache rtr 160 4v fi 3 moths back and i am writing this review after riding the bike around 2500 kms.1. Buying experience 1.Its good i rate 2/5. During the sales tvs company claims 60 kmpl is the mileage and average mileage is around 50 .But you hardly get 35-40 mileage which could be worst if you are expecting mileage and a daily commuter better don’t buy if not if have to spend a lot only on filling the petrol 2.Riding experience 1.Its good i rate 4/5 3.Details about looks, performance etc.1.Looks : it has a great look which has convinced me to buy this bike. 2.Performance is moderate on the performance of this bike . It has a great engine power but worst mileage. I hardly get 35-40 mileage which is most worst part of this bike. 4. Servicing and maintenance.During the sales they don’t mention on the servicing and maintenance part but this bike has to be filled with a special synthetic oil which costs around 700 per filling which is double the cost of general oil . 5.Pros and cons 1.Pros : good performance in terms of engine power 2.Cons : worst mileage hardly 35 kmpl and high maintenance than a general bikes in this segment.

    Yash 9 months ago
    Apache 160 4V User Reviews
  • Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition 2.0
    456 ratings
    Apache 200 4V Race

    Braking performance is not good above 70 KPH, it should be better in this respect. I have faced bad rare braking experience after 700 Kms of riding, and just repaired it from Service centre. Rare brake is bouncing back and found metalic sound while pressing hard, like brake is fouling with some metal body. Most disappointing thing is that lot of TVS Apache 200 4v owner faced problem like me in wrong Gear indicator. It is a very specific problem in this machine, which may cause accident, and dangerous for rider. TVs service point also acknowledge about the Gera indicator and GPS sensing problem. I have already discussed with other owner was present in the service center, he also acknowledged the same issue. This is my second service, and TVs service point informed me that though they have repaired the problem for now, but in near future I may face the same problem. What I understand from this is - it is an inherent problem or common manufacturing defect of the model, which is very very risky because for my case I have after switch off my two wheeler after make it neutral, after a while again when I self start it, instantly digital instrument console showing it on Second Gear mode, if anytime accidentally I release the Clutch unaware of looking the colsole, Machine may rush-off of move forward from my hand & control, and result is an accident. Thus TVs is selling a defect Two_Wheeler, they know very well about their problem, because I just talk today with some of their GM, communicate via phone with the help of Service Manager of the my TVs service center, in Kolkata. Customer should move to the consumer forum regarding the problem. TVs is cheating customer

    Debasish 2 days ago
    Apache 200 4V Race User Reviews
  • Apache RTR 180
    533 ratings
    Apache RTR 180

    Apache Rtr 180 is definitely a good commuter bike. It is basicaly designed for city riding. Its engine is torqy and power starts to build up right from 3000 rpm and goes upto 7000. Its top end has very poor pull as engine only generates noise. Vibrations are very much felt at every point on bike such as footpegs , side view mirrors and visor . Nothing can be done to avoid it.Seats are comfortable but start feeling itchy after 40 - 50 kms of ride.Mileage in cities is around 40 - 42 KMPl and on highways increases upto 45-48 KMPl.stock tyres are not that good , provide less grip on wet road.Its maintenance is cheap untill you have to replace any of mechanical parts. Normal service will cost around 575₹ under free service .1025 ₹ paid service.for 2018 model.

    Akash 6 months ago
    Apache RTR 180 User Reviews
  • BS6 Apache RTR 160 4V
    12 ratings
    BS6 Apache RTR 160 4V

    amazing with abs duel brake features

    Surajit 1 month ago
    BS6 Apache RTR 160 4V User Reviews
  • BS6 Apache RR 310
    9 ratings
    BS6 Apache RR 310

    Great Speed with Comfort and Handling

    Ayush 2 days ago
    BS6 Apache RR 310 User Reviews
  • BS6 Apache RTR 200 4V
    34 ratings
    BS6 Apache RTR 200 4V

    It feels Soo good on riding. Exhaust is eargasm. On looks, it's ok ok.

    Lokesh 4 weeks ago
    BS6 Apache RTR 200 4V User Reviews
  • Apache RTR 160 BS6
    20 ratings
    BS6 Apache RTR 160

    You will love it once you ride. It's awesome in this price. Best bike in the segment.

    Subhanan 2 months ago
    BS6 Apache RTR 160 User Reviews

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