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Q. What is the price of rear break cable?
  • For that, we'd suggest you please visit the nearest authorized service center as they would be able to assist you with the exact price and availability of the spare parts.Follow the link and select your city accordingly for service centers.
Q. 1. How comfortable is the Burgman Street considering you are riding 20-30 kms daily(for a woman) and what is the maintenance cost
  • Suzuki Burgman Street is extremely comfortable for both rider and for the pillion. Its cruiser-like stance is extremely relaxed over long distances. The pillion, too, has a wide perch and the large and chunky grab rail is easy to hold onto. Moreover, to check the comfort we would suggest you to take a test ride. You can find authorized dealer details here.
  • Monthly 300rupees
Q. I want to buy old Burgman. Is it available?
  • The old model of Suzuki Burgman is not available. Moreover, you may check for it in the after-market if the used scooter is available.
  • Im selling my 26 months old burgman white colour 10800 kms run. Cont/7847847845.
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Q. Is ntorq better than burgmann street?
  • I also own a ntorq race edition and I would say that ntorq is good but not better then burgman. Ntorq's seat is very small and uncomfortable for a pillion. But the burgman has a more comfortable and bigger seat. The body of ntorq is of low quality fiber not of ABS material. The mileage of ntorq is disappointing while burgman is very fuel efficient. The performance is almost same on both the scooter as ntorq is 8kg heavier. The speedo console is not at all intelligent as most of the features are useless and unpractical. The boot space is better on burgman as it is more usable than ntorq and the burgman also has storage space in the front with a charging port. The ntorq also has a charging port in the boot space but it is not at all usable because it makes your phone heat. So tvs ntorq is not better in any aspect.
  • Yes, NTORQ is definately better than burgman. NTORQ has bigger and fatter tyres, fully digital speedometer with bluetooth connectivity, navigation assist, bigger boot space than burgman, and many more features. The power of NTORQ is so good that the instant you rotate the accelerator, you will feel like flying a jet and the sound the exhaust produces makes you feel like you are riding a bike and not a scooty. The scooty is very stable at high speed and can achieve 95km/h+ speed in no time. Cornering, filtering through traffic is very easy on NTORQ as it has a slim body as compared to burgman. NTORQ is very comfortable even on bad roads. NTORQ features some 1st in segment features like Kill switch, Auto-choke, highly intelligent speedo console and much more. NTORQ is way more featurefull, enjoyable, powerful and stylish than burgman. I can tell you the difference because i have ridden both the scooty. i own the matte red NTORQ and my friend owns a white burgman. PLEASE NOTE: MY MAIN MOTIVE IS TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE AND NOT TO SHOW ANY OF THE SCOOTY TO BE SUPERIOR AND HURT THE FEELINGS OF ANYONE. THANK YOU AND APOLOGY FOR HURTING YOUR FEELINGS!!!
  • Burgman is good for the comfort and it is not that good option for city driving but ntorq is the vehicle which gives you best experience because of its top pseed , acceleration and grip you can do cornering in a scooter which is unbelievable for me when i bought it but it was written in the owners manual go for ntorq if you want to drive in city
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Q. Is it good for long drives like 200 to 300 km - Burgman Street?
  • Surely. Me and my wife completed 2000 km ride From kolkata to araku vally and back with my Gixxer SF and wife's Burgman. Breakup is like Kolkata - gopalpur = 600 Kms approx, Gopalpur - Vizag = 265 kms approx, Vizag-Araku = 130 kms approx , Araku - chandaka forest = 500 kms approx, chandaka to kolkata = 480 km approx. It was an awesome trip.
  • Till today's date, The max kms I have reached at once, is 150 kms, single way. And I felt very refreshing and it was not tiring at all. Before burgman I had Yamaha Alpha, and there's positive and considerable amount of comfort while riding Burgman.
  • Same here...i had a continuous travelling of 250+km..and it was very good.
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Q. What are the problems of Suzuki Burgman Street in long term?
  • With me it was otherwise.... i was crusing 80-90 in gurugram when out of blue a hand ricksaw came in opposite direction on wrong side when i was overtaking... to avoid collision i applied brakes hard n did a snake maneuver, due to its precise balance i was saved that day even had same experience on DND when i was abv 90-95, a bird flew accross n i applied brakes while shifting my burgman to left to avoind the cards behind me n i landed safely on the side of the road within few meters without loosing balancei drive around 300-400kms in one go from delhi to gwalior, delhi to rishikesh n my speeds are abv 90 i never felt a balance issue maybe the ones who did are novoice n cant handle the hard disc breaksaverage is over 45 while only one problem i encountered is battery... need to replace every 2 years...
  • I will not recommend this burgman street 125 to any one. Its performance is ver bad, no pickup, When ever i apply brakes it skids and we lose balance, its road grip is very bad, shock absorber are pathetic. Today i fell on the main road when i applied brakes almost escaped from big accident. Very bad experience when the roads are bumpy, because shock absorber are very bad. Mileage is very bad. The bottom of the vehicle almost touches the humps and we can hear the scratch noise
  • Suzuki burgman street has serious problem with its road grip. whenever you apply brake the scooter tends to skid which is a serious safety issue . i honestly wont recommend the scooter .
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