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The big Japanese, Kawasaki, which has enjoyed a strong partnership with Bajaj Auto for decades released two of its finest motorcycles in the country and is now planning to launch some more models. Known for their quality of parts and performance, Kawasaki products are truly world class.

Kawasaki Bike Price

Kawasaki bikes price starts at Rs. 2.98 lakh for the cheapest bike Ninja 300 and goes up to Rs. 75.80 lakh for the top model Kawasaki Ninja H2. Kawasaki offers 24 new bike models in India. Ninja 300 (Rs. 2.98 lakh), Ninja H2 (Rs. 34.99 lakh) and Ninja 650 (Rs. 5.89 lakh) are among the popular bikes from Kawasaki. In the year 2019/2020, Kawasaki is going to launch 5 new models in India. Select a Kawasaki bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Kawasaki Bike Models in India

*Prices shown for Delhi

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Kawasaki User Reviews

  • Ninja 300
    110 ratings
    Ninja 300

    Abs tops. Total riding pleasure. Great speeds. Excellent pick up. Beautiful looks. What a performance. Great buy. No comparisons, no choices, it is outrightly a winner, the best. Simply in love with it. Go for it with closed eyes.

    Shakti 3 months ago
    Ninja 300 User Reviews
  • Ninja H2
    19 ratings
    Ninja H2

    This is a best bike in the hole world and very faster than other and smuthe

    VISHAL 1 month ago
    Ninja H2 User Reviews
  • Ninja 650
    37 ratings
    Ninja 650

    Its a awseome bike with plenty power and comfortable for long rides(not for pillion) Edit:-But the 2020 model has been updated with good screen and a good pillion seat

    Imdad 1 month ago
    Ninja 650 User Reviews
  • Ninja ZX 10R
    28 ratings
    Ninja ZX 10R

    one of the best liter class bike to own......with an affordable price tag...the exhaust note of the bike is soothing in stock , but when installed with aftermarket exhaust for ex- sc, akrapovic it is freaking loud......when used for daily purposes it create quite problem due to its aggressive seating posture.......overall the bike is great

    Lokesh 1 month ago
    Ninja ZX 10R User Reviews
  • Z1000
    8 ratings

    It's the real powerhouse, once you open the throttle beyond 8000 rpm, you will lack the courage to pull it more towards the redline of 13000 rpm...Comfortable for rides upto 300KM. After 150 there is a strong Wind blast so I recommend a good windshield to deter it, not recommended for beginners as it's a very potent machine and need highly skilled riders to ride it...Top speed is around 260KMPH

    Sanjay 11 months ago
    Z1000 User Reviews
  • Ninja 400
    24 ratings
    Ninja 400

    best bike ever but little less mileage but power full 400 CC bike better than Kim rc390 , ninja 300, BMW g310r and Apache 310rr.

    Surabhi 2 weeks ago
    Ninja 400 User Reviews
  • Z900
    37 ratings

    I am happy with my z900, I use it for daily commute from my home to office and also for long rides. It"s a great bike, I am falling in love with this machine. Really impressed with its performance and everyday a fresh feeling I get from this motorcycle. You will never get bored from it.

    Eighty9th 5 months ago
    Z900 User Reviews
  • Ninja 1000
    17 ratings
    Ninja 1000

    could get more attention...he is like a child in the showroom seeking attention and asking .For what I am here for?

    Joshy 2 weeks ago
    Ninja 1000 User Reviews
  • Ninja ZX-6R
    8 ratings
    Ninja ZX-6R

    It"s an everyday supersports bike, that you can also enjoy in the track,amazing stability, good ride and excellent handling

    Rabih 2 months ago
    Ninja ZX-6R User Reviews
  • Vulcan S
    14 ratings
    Vulcan S

    It's stealthy, it"s smooth and it"s ridiculously fast.

    Rallyn 6 months ago
    Vulcan S User Reviews
  • Z650
    7 ratings

    I have a Z650 and had a Duke390 . The Duke is heaps more fun and way better.The stock Z tires are outright dangerous in the rain and the suspensions are soft and comfortable which are not suitable for cornering. . I have it for about 1 year now and I am looking to trade it in. To be honest, I would rather get the Benelli 600i since that has 4 cylinders and adjustable shocks. The Z forks are not inverted and non adjustable. I would advise getting a used duke690 or if you have the cash go for the 790. I am not from India so I don't know the prices there but around the price of the Z you could check out the Yamaha MT-07 the only reason I didn't get it was because the MT-07 didn't have abs the year I was getting the Z and I feel that ABS is a must for me. The Z feels very cheap in the feel of the dash (no average speed of trip like the duke) it looks good but I prefer the Yamaha. It's brighter and cleaner. The Z dash is often too dim in the sun. By no means I am bashing the Z. It's a good bike. It's dependable and good on fuel but it feels like a sedan instead of a sports car if you want to make a comparison with cars. I had no problems with the z so far except I lowsided the day I picked it up because I was hitting a corner that I hit everyday on the duke the same way with new tires and wasn't used to the springy soft suspensions. Just a side note the Z also has no immoblizer so it can be easily stolen. I had to replace a key after I lost it and the shop I normally go to told me to go to Kawasaki for key programming but it turns out all Thailand assembled Kawasakis don't have immoblizers.

    Kai 7 months ago
    Z650 User Reviews
  • Versys 650
    7 ratings
    Versys 650

    Happy with the bike because it takes you places, pushes you to corners, and does a bit of everything that you expect. Brings a smile to my face everytime I ride it. Gives me a feeling of everlasting love for it after every ride.

    Udayaditya 1 month ago
    Versys 650 User Reviews
  • Z900RS
    5 ratings

    Very fun to ride, handles great, wide power band, sounds great,comfortable riding position

    Mel 3 months ago
    Z900RS User Reviews
  • Ninja H2 SX
    5 ratings
    Ninja H2 SX

    dursigxgfpj yodibj caught fight

    Mohammad 2 months ago
    Ninja H2 SX User Reviews
  • Ninja ZX 14R
    3 ratings
    Ninja ZX 14R

    i like this. best bike in world

    Ankita 2 months ago
    Ninja ZX 14R User Reviews
  • Versys X 300
    3 ratings
    Versys X 300

    For daily use and long trips perfect bike with less weight. Not so powerful and fast but this is not the for these. I m so happy with x300

    Hakan 8 months ago
    Versys X 300 User Reviews

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