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  • No Doubt its a best bike,

    No doubt its a best bike, There's no comparison because no other brand is offering the quality that comes with this beast.The drive ergonomics of this beauty is phenomenal and the infotainment system that this bike offers in this price point is crazy.Not only the drive quality but the fit and finish of this bike is a piece of art.The bike is very nimble which makes it easy to manoeuvre even in the traffic and the suspension is so good that you'll fly through the potholes.The super moto mode that comes with this bike allows you to do crazy street bike stunts.The new quick shifter+ is nice because it allows you to upshift and downshift very effortlessly with using the clutch, It's not as good as the higher segment bikes has got but no other bike in this segment is offering this which makes it a complete package.The torque you will fell when you pull the throttle will leave a smile on your face.

  • 3.8
    I am using this bike

    I am using this bike for only one thing, thrill. I will not talk about the other aspects, like heating, heaviness on the handle, etc. All I will recommend is that if you are someone new and starting out for the first time please rethink your investment in the 390 , this is a very powerful machine. My idea of thrill is to go out twice a week with full gear and go racing around the city. the reason i do this is my limitations to go out on the highway as I don't make much time. I say my prayers each time I gear up because only I know how I ride, that being said the 390 is a beast and it's hard to tame for even experienced riders. I don't promote what I am doing but I want to share this especially with new riders.

  • 4.2
    It is great for this

    it is great for this price range and you cannot expect naked bikes with such low weights in this price segment. it's mileage is average because it is kind of a street race bike. the console you get on this bike cannot be given by another company. but it's price range is bit high for middle class people. you cannot expect best seat comfort in a race bike but the riders seat is above average it has compact space and it wont be fit for fat people both in seat and looks. the pillion seat is not so comfortable. it has trellis frame and the console has Bluetooth connectivity. you can research in YouTube for more information like max speed test and mileage test etc.

  • 5.0
    Colour scheme

    First of all let me start with how smooth the bs6 390 engine is. It's super smooth compared to bs4 and an absolute heaven when compared to bs3. The underbelly exhaust took care of the heating problem pretty well. It's only your left foot that will get somewhat toasty that too in heavy traffic and your not moving. And with quickshifter I believe there's a common problem with the throttle regulator, to be frank it doesn't work that good🤦. Mileage shouldn't be your criteria if you are planning for 390, for me it gives about 26 to 28 on highway and 22ish in the city. The new colour scheme is a killer grey and black and white is good too.

  • 4.2
    Wife complained

    Excellent bike as performace is top notch.Have very good accelaration and bike will move as rocket as you twist the wrist.Do not recomend for a beginer rider.Very good for the long ride as well.Though wife complained of hard seats afetr 850km done in one day, I didnt feel a thing.Rider seats are much softer and wider than the pillion.Mainatance can get pretty expensive when need to chagne the parts and need stock original products ex: tyres!! rims will get bent in every 15k km lol, Chain and sprocket extras.Even after all this till date i am enjoying each day my bike.Adrenaline rush.


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