90 Special Edition Jawas Are Ready For ‘Immediate Delivery’

The special edition bikes are likely to arrive only in November 2019

  • The Czech brand, now owned by Classic Legends, celebrates 90 years in 2019.
  • Only 90 units of the Jawa Anniversary Edition will be made.
  • It gets a special colour scheme like the original 1929 500 OHV.


Jawa is one of the few motorcycling brands in India that likes to harp a lot about its heritage. It had named one of its two new motorcycles Jawa, as the first bike the Czech bike maker ever made was simply called the Jawa. Continuing this heritage trend, Jawa has introduced a new limited run series of bikes called the Jawa Anniversary edition. The Czech brand was established in 1929 and the new bike commemorates 90 years of the Jawa name.

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The Jawa Anniversary edition is a special colour edition of the classically styled Jawa. Instead of the base colour and chrome combination, the special edition gets a dark red-cream two tone colour scheme with cream pinstriping all around. Another unique item is the 90th Anniversary sticker emblazoned on the fuel tank. Interestingly, this colour scheme is inspired from the 1929 Jawa 500 OHV.

There are no mechanical changes done to the bike as it continues to be powered by a 293cc single-cylinder mill that produces 27PS and 28Nm. Whether this special edition is available on just the single-channel ABS version or on the dual-channel variant is yet to be confirmed.

However, what is confirmed is that these 90 units are ready for immediately delivery. The brand has faced difficulties meeting the phenomenal response for the two bikes. Even after ramping up production, the waiting period for the bikes has reduced to 6-7 months. Hence, in order to get this Anniversary edition bike, enthusiasts need to have an existing booking or need to make one before October 22. This suggests that these units will only be delivered on November 15 as Jawa will complete a year of existence post its revival.

There will be no increment in the price of the Jawa Anniversary edition. Hence, if it is restricted to only the rear drum brake version, it will retail at Rs 1.64 lakh while the dual-channel ABS version could be fetched for Rs 1.73 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). More details coming soon.

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