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  • Q. When is the Harrier automatic SUV coming?
    Rahul | 8 months ago

    @ Jeevan | As of now the company haven't announced, after driving the harrier and understanding the power of the engine I doubt that it'll come in automatic

    Sir i think u dont knw but tata launches automatic after studying market and almost after an year,same was with nexon so dw its definately gonna come and i dont understand how cn u say u doubt

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  • Q. Is it Not available in automatic - Harrier?
    Shrey | 5 months ago

    Not available yet but tata motors has confirmed that the harrier will get an auto gearshift as well by mid 2020

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  • Q. Between the manual and the automatic variants, which would be the better pick if my usage is mostly inside the city and occasionally on the highways (once in 2 months). Will mostly be using the car to travel with my family. - Harrier?
    Matthew | 1 month ago

    See.. If you don't Wana go with the hassle of her changing every time.. Then automatic is good for city.. But I would prefer manual cause you are the master of your gears and somehow I feel manal is better

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Tata Harrier

    Tata Harrier Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Tata Harrier available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Tata Harrier is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the diesel variants of Tata Harrier?
    Tata Harrier is available in 16 Diesel variants, out of which 7 are automatic and 9 are manual. The base Diesel variant Harrier XE starts at Rs. 13.69 lakh. and the top-end Diesel variant Harrier XZA Plus is priced at Rs. 20.25 lakh.
    Q. What are the manual variants of Tata Harrier?
    Tata Harrier is available in 9 Manual variants, out of which all are diesel. The base Manual variant Harrier XE starts at Rs. 13.69 lakh and the top-end Manual variant Harrier XZ Plus Dark Edition is priced at Rs. 18.95 lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Tata Harrier?
    A. Tata Harrier is available in 16 variants:
    XE : Rs. 13.69 lakh
    XM : Rs. 15.00 lakh
    XT : Rs. 16.25 lakh
    XMA AT : Rs. 16.25 lakh
    XZ : Rs. 17.50 lakh
    XZ Dual Tone : Rs. 17.60 lakh
    XZ Dark Edition : Rs. 17.70 lakh
    XZ Plus : Rs. 18.75 lakh
    XZA AT : Rs. 18.80 lakh
    XZ Plus Dual Tone : Rs. 18.85 lakh
    XZA Dual Tone AT : Rs. 18.90 lakh
    XZ Plus Dark Edition : Rs. 18.95 lakh
    XZA Dark Edition AT : Rs. 19.00 lakh
    XZA Plus AT : Rs. 20.00 lakh
    XZA Plus Dual Tone AT : Rs. 20.15 lakh
    XZA Plus : Rs. 20.25 lakh
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