• Q. My height is 5'4" will Duke 390 be comfortable for me or not?

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    Baba | 2 weeks ago

    Woow i see soo many people saying no , dude first of all go to show room n check for urself , secondly their are many shorter riders riding a tall bike depends on wether or not u will ride it in traffic or on highway , their is a way to stand still on a tall bike , u need to put ur left leg on the gear and right leg on the ground , thats how most of the shorter riders ride a adv as many of them are even 850mm above seat height , but if ur committed to ride i think nothing can stop u . Good luckAnd a word of advice for those geniuses who are advicing for change of suspension , i just hope u dont skid or bounce of ur bikePlease do not change suspension settings untill n unless ur on race track or adv track

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    Ignatius | 2 months ago

    The KTM Duke is a rather high seated bike and reaching the floor would be a full stretch. Besides it is a heavy bike and handling it requires a certain degree of physical strength. Try it personally and find out for yourself.

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    Prasenjit | 3 days ago

    Please take a test ride of the DUKE 390 & only then make an informed decision.The seat height of the 2017 DUKE 390 is 825 mm. One just has to balance the motorcycle well. Hence, the test ride to figure that one out!

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    Ashwin | 3 months ago

    No, it might be a stretch. I'm 5'8" and I can't keep both my feet on the ground on the new 390 Duke. The older one I have, has a lower seat height of around 800mm which will suit you.

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    Pranav | 3 months ago

    If you can tiptoe on your D390 in a stand still position then you my friend are absolutely fine with riding 390 inspite of your height. If you cannot tiptoe then, you have some options as well1. High Heels riding boots2. Seat Adjustments (Height)3. Aftermarket Seats that suit your height. Etc.~ Pranav.

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    Anshul | 4 months ago

    No Faizaan.. i don’t think so that any Duke 390 will be suitable to you as you might face issues balancing while suddenly stopping the bike and even while taking sharp u-turns in a narrow space. Still its better to take a test ride and check.

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    Adam | 1 month ago

    While riding the bike you won't be in trouble but if u r in a dashing car traffic the guys who are 5'4" will find it difficult

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    Gautam | 4 months ago

    City traffic might a problem. but if you have a kind of heavy body then no issues, also you can adjust rear suspension(softness) which helps in decreased saddle height of bike by few mm.

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    Imvaibhavv | 1 month ago

    Sit height is around 830 I guess so that will be bit difficult for shorter riders

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    Mayank | 5 months ago

    I would suggest you to first take a test ride of the bike you want than decide if you are comfortable with the bike and can control it easily, than go for it

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