• Q. My Height Is Between 5.6 Or 5.7. Is This Bike Suitable For Me For Long Rides How's The Pillion Comfort and Mileage on Highway After how much KM we should change tyres - Duke 390?

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    Pranav | 2 months ago

    Your height is perfectly fine for this bike. Pillion Comfort: Forget that you have a Pillion Seat on the 390, the newer version pillion seat is a bit better than the older version but mainly the pillion itself will not be comfortable for a long ride.Tyres: Duke 390 comes with Metzelers, which are considered as one of the best tyres you can opt for. But as the Metz are soft rubber material they wear out easily depending upon driving, and the roads as well. If you are using them on track then they will last around 8k to 10k kms (May be less). And where as for daily commute the Metz will last a bit long till around 12k and if you stretch then you can make it to 13k kms, the life of these tyres is less but trust me upto 12k kms (in some cases, not everyone can push it till 12k kms) you will be having ride of your life with those beast tyres. I personally love the Metz and I replaced them again with Metz even though i had an option of going for Pirelli. Once you are habituated for Metz, I bet you will not go for other tyres. Mileage: On Highways its around 35 Kmpl (more or less) and in city the mileage is around 27-31 or 32 kmpl. (32 kmpl is only when you do not rev it to the max)

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    Adam | 1 month ago

    You can manage in duke 390 with your height and pillion comfort is bad in 390, mileage on highway is 28 to 30 it depends on how you maintain you bike on city and if you install metzelers it will wear out within 7 to 10k kms. You can always prefer apollo alpha h1 tyres those are phenomenal and it wears out like on 12k to 14k kms

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    Amar | 1 month ago

    For your height the bike should be quite comfortable , for long rides you might need to take few breaks as the pillion is not that comfortable and the mileage that I get on highways is between 22-25kmpl , tyre change depends on your driving , at and avg I recommend to change them at 17-20k km

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    Mayank | 4 months ago

    Yea brother you car ride this bike but please be confident while riding and if you have good riding skills there will not be and problem. Pillion seat is very good and comfortable but a little bit higher. Mileage is around 23-30kmpl and depends on your riding style. Tyres change period of this bike depends on the Road conditions and way you ride the bike but after around 20000km you should check your tyres if need to be changed or not.

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    Ajitesh | 10 months ago

    For long ride ktm is the best choice bcz it is cover long distance in short time and comfort is suitable without any doubt mileage is about 20 to 25 bt i think its 22 kmpl and tyres -As soon as the tires reach their wear indicator bars. When they are flush with the rest of the tread it's time to change.

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    Oommen | 10 months ago

    My KTM 390 gives me 33 kms mileage.If I ride harsh also I guess I should still get about 30.Mileage goes for a toss if we have to ride in heavy city traffic and we are moving at just 20, 30, and 35 kms per hour.This bike needs open road.

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    Sanjoy | 3 days ago

    No problem at all. Pillion comfort is not a great thing on this bike. Tyres should be replaced depending on the brands and compounds of the tyres.

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    Mohammed | 1 month ago

    Mileage is weak but for long drive it is perfect

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    Oommen | 10 months ago

    Normally, the world over tyres have a life of 40 to 60000 kms.So 35000 is the minimum distance you can use a brand new tyres.

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    Mohammed | 5 months ago

    My height is approximately 6'3"inchsI am usig this without any problems.We just have to blend our back a little bit

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