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Hero Electric, a flagship company of the Hero Eco Group, is a pioneer in the Indian Electric Vehicle industry. In India, Hero Electric has been constantly innovating and developing products for the domestic EV market. The parent company, Hero Eco operates in 32 countries worldwide with its A2B/F4W brand of electric two-wheelers and is one of the leading players in the global EV market.

Hero Electric Bike Price

Hero Electric bikes price starts at Rs. 37,078 for the cheapest bike Flash LA and goes up to Rs. 69,754 for the top model Hero Electric NYX e5. Hero Electric offers 10 new bike models in India. Photon 48V (Rs. 65,464), Optima E5 (Rs. 61,866) and Dash (Rs. 50,000) are among the popular bikes from Hero Electric. In the year 2019/2020, Hero Electric is going to launch 3 new models in India. Select a Hero Electric bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

Hero Electric Bike Models in India

*Prices shown for Delhi

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Hero Electric User Reviews

  • Photon 48V
    7 ratings
    Photon 48V

    good ans economy bike for all also light weight

    SUNIL 1 week ago
    Photon 48V User Reviews
  • Optima E5
    5 ratings
    Optima E5

    i have purchased optima e5 on 14june2019 it worked satisfactorily till today but after service i came home about 3kms from agency and in evening i again went to market it failed suddenly 500mtrs away after low jerk on road i again came back to home on foot with scooty and talked to agency malik about my problem .poor function after servicing and created a lot problem. malik replied that battery is old while i told him that this scooty has been purchase recently.after some time we see that mcb was down in a light jerk and it repeatedly occured service is very very poorand also one standby converter was taken out from the scooty for which i objected then he given this converter back to me .i am not satisfied with the service of this agency at all.i purchased this third scooty from this agency having faith with Hero company but not with this agency dealer.

    Brajesh 5 months ago
    Optima E5 User Reviews
  • Dash
    2 ratings

    I have saved RS 5000/- this month and easily I would be soon in a year's time make up for the cost.Being an electric bike it has No engine vibration and sound which makes the ride very soothing and enjoyable and less tiring.Can take the scooter without the fear of challans.I recommend it for city drive, but one should charge it daily .

    Anmol 4 days ago
    Dash User Reviews
  • NYX e5
    9 ratings
    NYX e5

    i m very excited to write the review for nyx...Earlier i was too confuse about the performance and feature & durability but after buying this i m very much satisfied.-i am writing this review those who are confused to buy this bike.No petrol cost,no other issue.only one thing this is not showing total km in meters. so I can't recognize when to charge or not. In performance it will give 40 km run in 4.5 hr charge.

    Dr 1 year ago
    NYX e5 User Reviews
  • Optima HS500 ER
    3 ratings
    Optima HS500 ER

    Battery plugs loose their contact during ride. Top speed is 39km/hr. Complete body is made of plastic material. I will recommend petrol scooty instead of buying this because it much reliable for long life than electric scooter.

    Govind 4 days ago
    Optima HS500 ER User Reviews
  • Optima Li
    3 ratings
    Optima Li

    Using this bike for short commutes only. No license, no registration, no pollution check, and no oil required (wearing helmet for safety is a must). Li - ion battery cost is high and government is promoting the use by giving subsidy. Very low maintenance cost. Has been a good experience overall.People turn their heads and many ask about performance.

    Manmohan 4 months ago
    Optima Li User Reviews
  • Flash LI
    5 ratings
    Flash LI

    Very nice comfortable petrol free bike, runs like a petrol bike!!

    Vikas 6 hours ago
    Flash LI User Reviews

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