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Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X

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Discontinued Model since 1 Apr 2020

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X Overview

A test mule of the 2020 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X was spotted recently with a number of accessories. They include a windshield, crash guard and saddle stays for better touring capabilities. Other updates for the 2020 model include a new BS6-compliant engine and altered ergonomics. Underpinnings include telescopic fork up front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. The bike comes to halt using disc brakes on both ends with dual-channel ABS as standard. We expect the company to launch the motorcycle early next year, for a price tag somewhere between Rs 1.80 lakh and Rs 1.85 lakh (ex-showroom).

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Thunderbird 350X

Q. For riding in Chennai City r15v3 is good or Thunderbird 350X?
  • The R15 has always had a singular focus. Performance. That leads to compromise in other aspects like ergonomics. Its sporty riding position comes courtesy of an 815mm high rider seat (up by 15mm over the v2). Despite the taller seat, we did not have an issue placing both feet on the ground. The riding position has become more aggressive and while it worked well on the track, riding in the city for an extended period did leave a minor discomfort in our wrists and upper back. Other than the clip-on, which now feels lower, the low-set footpegs are comfortable and the rest of the bike too didn't give us any reason to complain. You do need to be careful while taking U-turns though as the bars come pretty close to the fuel tank, and your hand getting too close to your knee during full lock does cause some issues. Especially on right-hand U-turns, it’s rather difficult to open the throttle as your wrist is resting on the tank at full lock. On the other hand, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X has been discontinued and is not available for sale in the market. Moreover, we would suggest you take a test ride for a better understanding of performance and riding comfort. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership.Read more:- Yamaha R15 v3.0 Road Test Review
  • It's Simple Yamaha R15 V3 is best in Chennai City
  • R15v3
Q. As thunderbird 350x being discontinued is it a good deal to go with used thunderbird 350x model 2019/2020?
  • It would be unfair to give a verdict here as the resale value of any vehicle would depend on certain factors such as the physical condition, kilometers driven, number of owners, engine's health, etc.
Q. Are the driving style same of Royal Enfield Classic and Thunderbird? Any problem with Thunderbird handle style?
  • Royal Enfield Thunderbird has been discontinued and is not available for sale in the market. As for Royal Enfield Classic 350, it is far from a perfect bike even in its BS6 avatar. However, in a world where everybody is trying to go retro and neo-retro, it remains the OG retro motorcycle in essence and feels. For a better understanding of compatibility and riding comfort, we would suggest you take a test ride. Follow the link and select your desired city for dealership details.
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Q. I am looking to buy a new bike. Looking for Cruse Bike like Bullet, Thunderbird 350X, Avenger 220, Jawa or UM Bike. What you guys suggest? My height is 5'4-5 ft and weight is 82Kg and my budget is below 2 lakhs.
  • I am not biased towards any brands, just sharing my information about the Auto Industry.1. UM is a dead company in the Indian market, poor build quality, poor services network.2. Jawa is also a good brand but the waiting period for Jawa is very long, it takes almost 7 to 8 months.3. as owner of RE bullet 350, I will say its a good bike for touring and high torque at lower rpm makes it easy to cover offroad. and RE has a good network of service centres all over India. 4. Avenger is a good bike for touring, but it struggles in off-road conditions, it has low Ground clearance makes it best bike for cruising but it makes it difficult for offroad riding..
  • Royal Enfield bikes are best but according to your height and weight personality You should go for Java or Benelli Imperiale 400 or If you want a RE bike then go for Classic 350 Take a test ride of all bikes and then decide on which bike you are comfortable and can easily handle it.
  • Please visit nearest l&t finance ofc.
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Q. Is it true that Royal Enfield has discontinued the Thunderbird 350X ?
  • How can we buy If the model is discontinued?Pls reply🙏🙏🙏 ( if somebody knows)
  • Yes, it has been discontinued. Last model for Thunderbird was 2019.
  • Is the block , clutch plates r same in meteor....???
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Thunderbird 350X Questions and Answers

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X User Reviews

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  • 5.0
    It's an awesome bike

    It's an awesome bike no accident

  • 3.0
    Pillion rider

    First experience: I have been dreaming of riding a Thunderbird since the day i saw it first in 2010, and on December 2018, I finally bought a Thunderbird 350x (whimsical White) here at Enfield showroom in Aizawl, Mizoram. The staff are courteous and very helpful and they handled all the necessary documentation and even took care of insurance, registration at Transport dept. with an extra charge of a nominal amount. After 1 year and 6 months, I have covered 10,000 kms, and it has pros and cons which I will elaborate briefly.I have never owned an RE before, my previous bikes are Hero Karizma and Pulsar 220. They are smooth and fast in comparison to the RE TB 350x. And the moment I rode out of the dealer, it really turns the head, and I was in love with how smooth and easy to handle in tight traffics and corners. I love the stability of the engine at low rpm which i have not experienced in my previous bikes.. As a cruiser, it is very comfortable and contrary to its heavyweight I find it easy to maneuver in tight traffic and corners; and the fuel consumption is about the same as such of Karizma with a daily commuting distance of 26km (approx). But the power to weight ratio is low compared to my previous bikes, so that's the first disappointment. And the other problems i faced are - while riding in the rain the engine misses a lot due to which I would visit the workshop often, and after riding in the rain, the original seat gets wet for more than 3 days, so i changed it, and yes, the back bumper does not properly cover the pillion's back in the rainy season, without extra mud flap, the pillion seat gets splattered with dirt. Riding: The longest ride on this bull was 350 km straight in monsoon weather between a hilly Mizoram with lots of twisties and a plain long straight road of Assam. It was fun in twisties, but as you stretch out for a straight 40 km, you realised that the shorter handlebar is not comfortable as you need to bend a little forward with your arms straight. My arms began to ache which fathes away as soon as we reach the twisties of the Meghalaya. It was fun to ride for long-distance, and it is more fun to ride in twisties than on straight roads. In that case, the older model of Thunderbird has a better handlebar for touring. Whilst the newer X model is for those who consider a comfortable, laid-back urban riding package.And the first real problem i faced was when i filled up the entire tanky, the engine started to miss horribly. And once stuck in the traffic jam, another fellow rider suggested that I opened up the petrol tanky lid, I did and a sudden whoosh sound of air comes up from the tanky and I was able to start the engine. So, every time i face that kind of problem, I open up the tanky lid and then it works all the time. But, as it became more frequent I fixed it up at the dealer and they changed some air filter under the seat. When I asked them what might be the reason, they told me that if the tanky is filled up to the rim, these kinds of problems arise. So, I checked online, and it states that to comply with the BSIV norms, the manufacturers fit an evaporative emission control unit, which should lower the amount of fuel that is evaporated when the motorcycle is parked. In comparison to the older model, the TB X model features a redesigned grab rail that’s neatly integrated next to the pillion seat and ends in the tail-lamp unit. Although this looks quite showy and attractive, it is not at all comfortable for the pillion rider without the backrest. At first, I didn't fix the backrest, but while riding in the pillion i almost fall off backward, and on that day itself i fixed the backrest at the dealer.The new TB X use the same engine as of the previous TB model with five-speed gearbox with 346cc engine, 19.8hp and 28Nm of torque. This specifications on the Bike with kerb weight 195kg does not produce a good power to weight ratio. Forget about competing with a mere 125cc Suzuki Access, you will be smoked, except on a straight road, maybe.So, to summerise, with all the exceptions, I still love the bike. But, at its price at around Rs. 1.7-1.8 lakhs, i hope RE launch a new model with Fuel Injection with an improvement in the power. Pros:1) Stylish2) Fun and easy to ride in urban and twisties.3) Fuel consumption is not high.Cons:1) Power to weight ratio is low2) Original seat and rear mud-guard are not pragmatic in the rain.3) Handlebar is uncomfortable for touring.

  • 2.6
    Invoice copy

    Problems observed in day to day running:1.Every other day gear shifting gets hard and clutch setting needs to be done. This problem usually happens while lowering gear from 2nd to 1st.2.Fuel tank starts making noise and then service station guys adds packing to tank.3.Due to vibration, both mirrors and speedometer vibrates and makes mirror and speedometer vision blurred.4.Rear seat is very compact and not at all comfortable for passenger in behind. Forget about long drive but passenger behind can’t even sit continuously for more than an hour’s time.5.Mileage is very poor: I know there are various factors like fuel quality & driving habits on which mileage is dependent and also, I cannot expect heavy mileage of 60 - 70 kmpl in such variant. But during purchase it was informed that it gives mileage of 40 Kmpl and even in city traffic I should get min. up to 35 kmpl. But from day one I am getting is 21-22 Kmpl which is contradicts commitment.6. Handling becomes very difficult while taking sharp turn. Sales: I Got this bike on 18th October 2018.I was really happy to see bike online but had only one query whether its available in ABS to which sales executive replied “NO”. Since executive denied for ABS version I bought standard version and later post-delivery I understood it was available. Which means false information was shared, even if the ABS version was planned to be launched with nearby date, I should have been informed clearly so that I would have waited till it gets launched.Service:Service support needs improvement: As per periodic maintenance plan I went for 1st Service after 500 kms and the same was done but invoice copy was not given to me.During second service I requested for invoice of 1st service as well but still the same was not given and service team said they would mail me later and now I am still waiting for their mail.

  • 1.8
    Pathetic service

    Such a piece of junk. Never ever go for this bike... Better avoid RE. I bought my Thunderbird 350X in 2019 October. It's been almost 1.5 yrs and hv faced lot of issues with it. 1) Silencer core broken 2) Petrol tank lid couldn't be opened, so changed the locks3) Front suspension gone, so gotta change it completely4) One way clutch is making lot of noise while trying to kick start. It's yet to be changed.5) The bigger chassis s***w beneath the display, gets loosened quite often, so have bought a 30-32 spanner and kept it in the pouch permanently.And lot other minor defects.When I purchased my bike in October 2018, I asked the store manager repeatedly, whether the company is gonna launch ABS version of the same, any sooner. But he denied. But within 15 days from purchase, they've released the ABS version. Such a pathetic service. So please don't waste your hard earned money on this crap.

  • 4.6
    Long rides

    First of all the bike is made for ride not for racing purposes As the bike was vintage cruiser itz not so fast as many bikes in the market but have a decent top speed of 120+ can attain even 130 in some long rides But remember a thing not like other bikes it can actually reach its top speed even in hilly terrain so i love the bike in the way it was made And speeking about mileage Kudos to #ROYAL ENFIELD they have made a good machine that can give an average of 37kmpl in urban traffic and gives an top mileage of upto 43 kmpl in highway cruises Comfort Even the bike weigh about little bellow 200kg(with crash guard) Its not tougher job to drive it in heavy traffic If you want to hear the drawbacksAs the bike itself was heavy If you forgot to lubricate the chain before a long drive definitely the chain will be dead by the end of trip


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