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  • 5.0
    Seat storage

    Features of this ev are very convenient and easy to access.Adding the feature of call is a bit risky but if driving responsibly then picking up or canceling a call becomes very easy.It's like a few features have made this ev look like a car.Best designed ev so far.

  • 5.0
    Just bought the S1 . Got

    Just bought the s1.Got the delivery in 17 days flat from payment.After riding the scooter one must say it’s very comfortable to ride and very easy to operate.The design is premium quality and so does the scooter look excellent.If ola s1 gets the move os3.0 update as promised by diwali there is no other scooter to match.One would prefer having the experience centres near by because it’s a little difficult to get through to the customer care.But all in all go for it!!!.

  • Special lanes

    The first thing that comes to mind is the time savings of moving around a big city on a scooter.Saying goodbye to rush hour traffic jams is one of the reasons that leads many users to leave the car behind and choose a scooter.They are agile and have access to some restricted access areas and special lanes.Being able to leave home with the exact time to go to work without having to worry about how many minutes you are going to be stuck on the road is a luxury that many have already experienced.Another way to save time and increase our comfort with the scooter is the ease of parking it offers.Big cities are prepared for all those who move around on two wheels, And many of them allow motorcycles or scooters to be left parked on the sidewalks (always in an orderly way).This allows us to forget about all the time we waste looking for parking as close as possible to our destination when we go by car.

  • Costly mistake

    Ola electric purchase is a costly mistake.Everything is done by subcontractors who are independent and ola does not have any control.Standard reply with customer care - sorry for the inconvenience, Issue is escalated, Wait for sometime, Soon issue will be resolved.They don't have any system to escalate a issue.Contractor ordered me to come to his workshop to fix number plate.Rc was with another contractor, I have to call him everyday and find his whereabout to collect the rc.In the absence of local representative (or representative available without any authority to question the subcontractors), Please avoid purchase of ola electric scooter.Price is high, Customer service is extremely poor (in coimbatore) - your are going to through over rs1, 60, 000/ into dustbine.

  • It's been over a month now

    It's been over a month now and i already started hating this scooter and company.Lesson for me not to buy n emerging scooter by paying hefty amount.Pickup is worst when battery is low.In traffic it could lead easily to an accident.Service is pathetic.Completely dependant on phone call support as there are no service centers established.God only knows when will they visit to resolve problems and how much they will quote for small bolt and nut replacement.One of the side dome came off and i am still waiting for service person to attend since a week.No response except standard statement "sorry for inconvenience".Getting very less range compared to company claimed range.Hardly getting 70 in normal mode.Charging also taking nearly 12hrs.


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