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Ola S1 Pro
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Rs. 1.39 Lakh
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Ola S1 Pro User Reviews

Based on 147 rating & 336 reviews
Review your vehicle & win ₹ 1000
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  • Worst service from ola,

    Worst service from ola, There is no any proper response or solution from ola from last 1 month, Within 1 year of purchase my vehicle not charging and since from last 1 month nobody is responding, Still my vehicle is in idle condition

  • Good battery

    This scooter really works well it has a good battery backup byfar the best scooter i have seen.It's very affordable due to electric charge system instead of petrol.

  • Good battery

    This scooter really works well it has a good battery backup byfar the best scooter i have seen.It's very affordable due to electric charge system instead of petrol.

  • 1.0
    Waste bike

    Waste bike i have purchased the bike 3 months back now batteries are gone.Service person said i have used bike below 15% so batteries are dead need to replace battery for 80000rs.If you r looking for value for money then ola s1 pro is definitely not your bike.

  • Preferred number

    Worse experience seem like i made a mistake in buying ola bike.I wanted preferred vehicle number and i had inform them during the purchase still bishwajit moulik (staff at ola) registered my vehicle with random number and told me my mistake, "gari tu mil rahi he le lijiye number me kya he", Puja pressure i forgot when i raised the concern at ola support mr.Amrit mandal from head office called me and making me fool that for preferred number you need to pay 1.5 lakh that is why we gave random number whereas the rto office clearly told me that rs.3500 will be charged.Haven't got my ola bike but already unhappy with big mistake they did.

  • 3.8
    Service cost

    Driving experience: the ola s1 pro offers a smooth and quiet driving experience, Thanks to its electric motor.The absence of gears and instant torque delivery contribute to a responsive and enjoyable ride.Mileage: being an electric scooter, The ola s1 pro boasts excellent mileage.It is energy-efficient, Providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.Pickup: the electric motor provides instant and consistent acceleration, Giving the ola s1 pro impressive pickup.It excels in quick starts, Making it well-suited for city commuting.Service cost: electric scooters often have lower service costs compared to traditional petrol counterparts.With fewer moving parts and a simpler drivetrain, The ola s1 pro generally incurs lower maintenance expenses.Engine performance: while technically not an internal combustion engine, The electric motor in the ola s1 pro delivers efficient and reliable performance.It's known for being silent, Offering a different but enjoyable riding experience.Build quality: ola is known for maintaining a good build quality in its products.The s1 pro is constructed with durable materials, Ensuring a solid and robust structure that contributes to rider safety and longevity.Battery performance: the battery performance is a highlight of the ola s1 pro.With a decent range per charge and fast-charging capabilities, It provides practicality for daily commuting without the range anxiety often associated with electric vehicles.

  • Redefines the Joy of Electric City Commuting.

    To exercise riding two machines while an electric motor is turning, exercise the Ola S1 Pro. For those who wish to travel sustainably without immolating comfort, this electric motor scooter is a special design that provides sustainable mobility. With its silent and emigration- free brace from its electric motor engine and slice- edge technology, it redefines community mobility. My pass to the future of electric motor mobility is the S1 Pro, which offers a significant and environmentally responsible drivingexperience.An environmentally conscious rider's dream come true is this electric motor bike. It has an unanticipated range, is completely formed, and has a astounding appearance.

  • 2.6
    I have purchased s1 pro gen

    I have purchased s1 pro gen 2 few days back, But facing a lot problem from day 1.Seat/trunk not getting closed from day1.It stop all of sudden and not going from parking mode to normal mode.It has serious glitch in this bike.When you are going up hill and by mistake vehicle come down few feet downwards then bike will not move.Either you need to reboot the bike and wait for your luck work.It has already happened three times for me.Sometime it works after reboot otherwise you need to wait.It is very bad condition with all the glitches and mirror quality is also bad.During test drive it looked for me but after using it for a week feeling bad about it.

  • Excellent performance

    "It is loaded with feature and connected apps and gives good driving range. It gives excellent performance from the motor and looks very modern. It takes 6.5 hours for fully charge and the electric motor produce enough torque and gives highest claimed range. It is technology loaded like a hill hold system, voice assistance, and cruise control are the safety features and also gives bluetooth connectivity which allows to play music from the phone. It has good underseat storage and has outstanding road presence and gives a very good top speed around 116 kmph. "


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