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CFMoto 650NK vs Kawasaki Z650: Real-world Numbers Compared

How does CFMoto’s most affordable middleweight offering fare in the real world against the established Kwacker?

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With a price tag of Rs 3.99 lakh, CFMoto’s 650NK took the bang-for-buck card away from the Kawasaki Z650 in the middleweight naked segment. We have done a small piece on how both motorcycles stack up on paper. We did get a chance to test the 650NK but were unable to ride both of these 650s back to back. Luckily, we have the numbers to back each motorcycle. Here’s what they say:



CFMoto 650NK

Kawasaki Z650

0-100 kmph

5.18 seconds

4.48 seconds

No surprises that the CFMoto was just slightly over half a second off the pace of the Kwacker. The Chinese bike makes 7PS and nearly 10Nm less. Plus, one cannot discount the heft of the 650NK as it tips the scales at 206kg, 16kg more than the Z650.



CFMoto 650NK

Kawasaki Z650

80-0 kmph



60-0 kmph



It is quite impressive that the 650NK braked sooner or very similar to the Z650. Especially considering that when we were testing the CFMoto, it was raining. However, there is a severe lack of brake feel, which makes it a bit unnerving to go hard on the brakes. A small sidenote, we tested the Kawasaki before ABS norms kicked in and hence numbers of the ABS-equipped motorcycle will be slightly more.

Fuel efficiency:


CFMoto 650NK

Kawasaki Z650







Fuel tank capacity



Both are evenly tied in this regard as there is just 1kmpl difference in either test. What will make a difference is the extra 2 litres of fuel available on the 650NK, which should help you stretch your riding stint by roughly 40-45km.

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