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  • Q. How is the swift performance and mileage in petrol?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    The Swift carries over its tried-and-tested 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel engines. The petrol makes 84PS and 114Nm whereas the diesel makes 75PS and 190Nm. The Swift now gets an automated manual transmission both with the petrol and diesel engines. The thrummy, peppy petrol engine can ensure quite a lot of giggles. The diesel, although not as much fun as the petrol, feels at home doing daily chores as well as weekend runs. We’ve road tested the diesel manual and automatic versions, and they proved to be a nice balance of frugal and fun. The manual took 12.38 seconds to hit 100kmph, whereas the automatic was over a second and a half slower at 14.06 seconds. In terms of efficiency, the manual returned an amazing 19.74kmpl (city) and 27.38kmpl (highway). The AMT nearly matched the efficiency inside the city at 19.27kmpl, but was less efficient on the highway, delivering 22.21kmpl. The Swift is fun, economical, spacious and has a personality too. If you can’t be bothered researching and want a hatchback that does a bit of everything, head over to the Maruti showroom. Be prepared to wait a while before you actually get one, though. Read more: 2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift: First Drive Review - https://bit.ly/2tPtvgh

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  • Q. Which is better Swift LXi or Wagon R 1.2 VXi as the on road prices are similar. I need comfort, mileage and fun to drive. Build quality as well.
    Chhanhima | 8 months ago

    Considering the swift LXI and Wagon R VXI 1.2, the Wagon r VXI will come with more features. Both shares the same platform and same engine too. Since the wagon r is lighter it will be more peppier to drive. There will be more passenger space inside too as it follows the old tall boy design structure. Since both cars are from the same manufacturer, both are equally good. Swift came from a more premium segment while the wagon r is from the mid class segment. From the version you have pointed out, the wagon r 1.2VXI will be better then the Swift LXI

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  • Q. Which one is best, Amt or manual? What about mileage difference - Swift?
    Roy | 2 months ago

    AMT is less of a strain, and adds to the enjoyment of driving...with no distraction. Manual is better for the younger drivers who prefer the power of shifting down to revv up the rpm....not much of a difference in mileage. Actual mileage is around 16+ on highways. Depends a lot on driving style.

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  • Q. What about mileage of new Swift? and How is suspensions in swift?
    Naveen | 1 year ago

    One of my relatives have purchased it recently. And after driving it for more than 12K kms the car is showing a mileage of 14 to 16 on an average in city. On highways it is easily showing 19 to 20 kmpl. And sometimes it also shows 25kmpl. BTW it is a petrol car.

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  • Q. I want a good family car with high mileage in low price range?
    Kalidash | 11 months ago

    I was wanting to have a swift zdi manual, but look & model has been changed now, which I don't like. So, I am thinking to exchange my old swift with Ertiga VDI for family & for commercial purposes. Waiting for route permit and for good offers.

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  • Q. Can I get Maruti Swift in both petrol and diesel? Which variant gives a better mileage?
    Balakrishnan | 9 months ago

    You can get both versions, however diesel gives more mileage1) As a thumb rule, if you drive more than 50 km per day or more than 15 k, in a year, get a diesel vehicle.2) petrol consumption increases in proportion to the passenger load as well as Air conditioning use, however in diesel vehicles, it does not increase fuel consumption.3) Engine life of 1.3 Multi jet diesel engine is around 10 lakh km, if you service the vehicle every 10 k, without fail.4) Fiat multi jet engine does not require any major maintenance, except for replacement of timing chain, cleaning injectors, EGR valve cleaning & replacement of Turbo & intercooler, after every 1.5 lakh km.

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    Maruti Swift Mileage & Performance FAQs

    Q. What is the mileage of Maruti Swift Petrol Version?
    A. The mileage of Maruti Swift Petrol is 22 kmpl.
    Q. What is the mileage of Maruti Swift Diesel Version?
    A. The mileage of Maruti Swift Diesel is 28.4 kmpl.
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