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  • Q. Which is best, Petrol or diesel in Swift?
    Tilak | 1 month ago

    I depends on person to person as some people love torque and some love performance both are equally good but if your running is minimal 25+ km/day then go diesel less than 20 km/day or use car 2 3 days in a week then go for petrol as it cost you almost 1.5 + lesser and after driving 50 k to 60k km you would spend 3 lakhs on fuel and services cost of petrol engine is also less do some math spend some time and calculate which is cheaper and more economical go for that and don't spend more money than required you can use the spare money some were else it is precious and rest is your choice

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  • Q. This car CNG variant or not - Swift?
    Naveen | 1 year ago

    Bro, i do not know about using CNG in Swift. But have seen cars like Maruti 800 and Alto using CNG. First the newfuel system will show affect on the pick up of the car on an instant note. And when full laden i.e occupied with passengers, the car doesn't even go beyond 40 KMPH when the AC is fully on and when you press the accelerator pedal down to the ground. That means it might prove light on your pocket when it comes to fuel expenses, but will surely affect the performance of the car right from the day the kit gets installed. So, beware of such repercussions.

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  • Q. Which model of patrol is best for personal use - Swift?
    R | 1 year ago

    If budget is no concern then always go for the top-end model ZXi+/ZDi+ which comes with loads of features. But If you concerned about budget and still want some cool features go for VXi/VDi Model.

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  • Q. Please suggest which car to buy between Swift petrol automatic or Swift diesel Auto?
    Naveen | 1 year ago

    Petrol cars are always reliable for long term use. If you want to keep the car for more than 4-5 years, then go for petrol. Otherwise go for a diesel model if you want more mileage and your daily commute is more than 40 kms per day. As the price of petrol and diesel is almost same fuel costs will be almost same on your pocket. But if mileage is taken into account, Diesel vehicles give 4-5 kms more mileage than a petrol car. However, diesel cars do have a tendency of showing problems after 2-3 years of use. The problems can vary from mechanical to electronics failure. My neighbor has a Farm house in outskirts of the city and her daily commute is more than 60kms per day. So, she always opts for a diesel car. She owns a Toyota Innova and the car shows all sorts of troubles every now and then. For first two years of her drive the car was great. But then it showed all sorts of trouble. My bother is that she always borrows my swift car as she finds power steering drive more easy when her car is under repair. And i am left with no option rather than to drive my Maruti 800 to office.

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  • Q. Hi good morning, this TRK. Is CNG variant is not available in swift?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    Maruti Swift doesn't come with factory-fitted CNG kit. Click on the link to more: https://bit.ly/2wpmFOP

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  • Q. Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI is petrol or diesel?
    CreaTiviTyOf | 3 months ago

    Swift Lxi is petrol car but in addition i have CNG fitting also for better milleage.

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  • Q. How is the performance of Swift diesel car?
    Pradeep | 3 days ago

    Very good also having fuel economy

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  • Q. Swift diesel version is going to be stopped from 2020 April, will there be spare parts problem then if we buy a new Swift ZDi diesel version now?
    Balakrishnan | 6 months ago

    You certainly must buy a swift diesel, ideally during December 2019 or discount sales in sluggish season.1) From April 1 ( 1 month before April 1st) swift diesel will be discontinued & Diesel versions in BS6 is certainly possible in future, but BS6 versions will at least be ₹1.5 lakh to ₹2 lakh costlier than their petrol counterparts.2) Direct answer to your query, is millions of Maruti multi jet diesel engines ply on Indian roads & Maruti gets several thousand crores assured annuity income from spare parts & servicing of these vehicles & therfore both are assured, for your life time.3) Maruti multi jet diesel engines have a life of 10 lakh km & require only timing chain replacement every 1 Lakh km, along with cleaning fuel injectors every 1.5 lakh km, in addition to normal periodic servicing every 10,000 km, which involves replacement of engine oil, air filter & fuel filter ( every 20 K)4) please note that Turbo, intercooler, will require replacement after 1.5 lakh km, clutch after 80 k.5) so the gist is that the diesel engine is almost maintenance free for 10 lakh km, other than routine engine oil replacement every 10 k & replacement of timing chain every 1 lakh km. Of course the engine bolts will have to be tightened or bolts replaced after a lakh km6) so go ahead & buy a swift diesel for a lifetime. The only reason why maruti has discontinued diesel engine is fiat has not thus far upgraded its 1.3 multi jet engine, which has won laurels for its performance, durability & mileage.7)My own view is, that fiat may introduce a 1.5 multi jet diesel engine, which is BS 6, compliant, & this will find its way to maruti & Tata diesel cars in india.

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  • Q. I am confused between Swift and Baleno which one is better one to buy also wanted to know weather I should buy petrol or diesel engine car
    Ravindra | 6 months ago

    First of all how much running your daily with car ? If your running less than 50- 100 km daily I suggest you to buy petrol engine. That was low maintenance coast as compared to Diesel engines. And baleno is good looking and also good in style.

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  • Q. Which engine have better life diesel or petrol - Swift?
    Sumit | 7 months ago

    Nowadayz both engines are having many changes and upgrades which last longs.you can go for disel if your running is for day today use if you are going to use vehical of weekoffs then go for petrol, overall perfomance is same in both version.

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Maruti Swift

    Maruti Swift Price & Variants FAQs

    Q. Is Maruti Swift available through CSD canteen?
    A. Yes, Maruti Swift is available through CSD canteen.
    Q. What are the petrol variants of Maruti Swift?
    Maruti Swift is available in 7 Petrol variants, out of which 3 are automatic and 4 are manual. The base Petrol variant Swift LXI starts at Rs. 5.14 lakh. and the top-end Petrol variant Swift AMT ZXI Plus is priced at Rs. 7.97 lakh.
    Q. What are the automatic variants of Maruti Swift?
    Maruti Swift is available in 6 Automatic variants, out of which 3 are diesel and 3 are petrol. The base Automatic variant Swift AMT VXI starts at Rs. 6.61 lakh. and the top-end Automatic variant Swift AMT ZDI Plus is priced at Rs. 8.84 lakh.
    Q. What are the manual variants of Maruti Swift?
    Maruti Swift is available in 7 Manual variants, out of which 3 are diesel and 4 are petrol. The base Manual variant Swift LXI starts at Rs. 5.14 lakh. and the top-end Manual variant Swift ZDI Plus is priced at Rs. 8.38 lakh.
    Q. What are the top variants of Maruti Swift?
    A. Maruti Swift is available in 13 variants:
    LXI : Rs. 5.14 lakh
    VXI : Rs. 6.14 lakh
    AMT VXI : Rs. 6.61 lakh
    ZXI : Rs. 6.73 lakh
    VDI : Rs. 6.98 lakh
    AMT ZXI : Rs. 7.20 lakh
    AMT VDI : Rs. 7.45 lakh
    ZXI Plus : Rs. 7.53 lakh
    ZDI : Rs. 7.57 lakh
    AMT ZXI Plus : Rs. 7.97 lakh
    AMT ZDI : Rs. 8.04 lakh
    ZDI Plus : Rs. 8.38 lakh
    AMT ZDI Plus : Rs. 8.84 lakh
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