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  • Q. What are the main reasons to choose Swift?
    Naveen | 10 months ago

    Everything depends on your budget and preference bro. There is no compulsion. Only thing is that maruti vehicles have good after sales support and that's been from years. I have a Maruti 800 and swift in my stable from the past 18+ years and have no trouble finding a mechanic and parts--all on an economical note.

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    Hanush | 10 months ago

    It depends on your requirements, if are satisfied with decent performance, swift is a best car because it gives decent comfort in seating and driving, gives good mileage, maintenance cost is lower than other cars, good resale. other than these top end varient looks stunning

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  • Q. Does the body structure of this car is too week and have poor safety?
    Debatra | 6 months ago

    I have been in accident in my swift as a tata safari car hit me from behind and the front part of the car hit an auto the outside bumper got damaged but to my suprise the whole passenger cabin was intact and I was safe and secure without any cuts and bruishes.

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    Uppiliappan | 5 months ago

    Not at all it is meant for rugged usage. Safe car nothing to worry. Pl keep in mind foreseen circumstance god only should sit on bonnet to save the passengers more are less all car are same.

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  • Q. How can ground clearance of Swift 2018 be increased
    Poras | 3 weeks ago

    There are adjustable suspension you can do it easily in any garage of wheels alignment

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    Nithyanand | 1 month ago

    By increasing the stroke of shock absorber or adding plate to leaf spring

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  • Q. Which Maruti car has more than 1500 cc engine - Swift?
    Jvr | 2 months ago

    Diesal or petrol ??As of now no.

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    Roy | 2 months ago

    Ciaz is the closest

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  • Q. What is the on road price at Dibrugarh Assam and what are the features & specification - Swift?
    Nisar | 5 months ago

    Maruti Swift give what millage in city and long drive give millege?

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    Monica | 5 months ago 0 Reply
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  • Q. Parking space of Swift vdi?
    Ameya | 7 months ago

    Simple to park.You can install reverse camera & parking sensors for your help there are many aftermarket choices & genuine maruti suzuki accessories available.

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    Vishnu | 7 months ago

    It's one of the easiest to park car with only a bit of space needed to squeeze that in. Haven't found it difficult to park parallel or horizontal.

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  • Q. How much is the boot space of Swift and New Santro?
    Mahendra | 3 months ago

    Unless you want to use it as truck, which I myself have been doing, but of course very occasionally, it has suufficient boot space.

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    Khan | 3 months ago

    Swift-268 lit santro- 235litwagon R- 341lit

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  • Q. What is the Swift rear seat legroom size?
    Shamba | 5 months ago

    The new Swift has a got a bigger legroom...it is more than adequate ..it's spacious at rear...but the dark theme and small windows makes it look claustrophobic than what it is..

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    Sumit | 4 months ago

    Swift is preferable for small family of 4 to 5 person's, its good for person with height of 5.5" to 5.9".

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  • Q. What is the difference in Ground clearance between Swift and WagonR
    Abhijeet | 6 months ago

    By minimum 20 mm difference will be there since tyre itself is bigger

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    DR | 7 months ago


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  • Q. Swift have gear problem
    Allan | 7 months ago

    I have an AMT ( automatic) bought in June 2018 no issues so far..super smooth gear shifts

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    Vinayak | 7 months ago

    No gear problem till now

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