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  • Q. Which is best, Petrol or diesel in Swift?
    Tilak | 11 months ago

    I depends on person to person as some people love torque and some love performance both are equally good but if your running is minimal 25+ km/day then go diesel less than 20 km/day or use car 2 3 days in a week then go for petrol as it cost you almost 1.5 + lesser and after driving 50 k to 60k km you would spend 3 lakhs on fuel and services cost of petrol engine is also less do some math spend some time and calculate which is cheaper and more economical go for that and don't spend more money than required you can use the spare money some were else it is precious and rest is your choice

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  • Q. Swift diesel version is going to be stopped from 2020 April, will there be spare parts problem then if we buy a new Swift ZDi diesel version now?
    Balakrishnan | 1 year ago

    You certainly must buy a swift diesel, ideally during December 2019 or discount sales in sluggish season.1) From April 1 ( 1 month before April 1st) swift diesel will be discontinued & Diesel versions in BS6 is certainly possible in future, but BS6 versions will at least be ₹1.5 lakh to ₹2 lakh costlier than their petrol counterparts.2) Direct answer to your query, is millions of Maruti multi jet diesel engines ply on Indian roads & Maruti gets several thousand crores assured annuity income from spare parts & servicing of these vehicles & therfore both are assured, for your life time.3) Maruti multi jet diesel engines have a life of 10 lakh km & require only timing chain replacement every 1 Lakh km, along with cleaning fuel injectors every 1.5 lakh km, in addition to normal periodic servicing every 10,000 km, which involves replacement of engine oil, air filter & fuel filter ( every 20 K)4) please note that Turbo, intercooler, will require replacement after 1.5 lakh km, clutch after 80 k.5) so the gist is that the diesel engine is almost maintenance free for 10 lakh km, other than routine engine oil replacement every 10 k & replacement of timing chain every 1 lakh km. Of course the engine bolts will have to be tightened or bolts replaced after a lakh km6) so go ahead & buy a swift diesel for a lifetime. The only reason why maruti has discontinued diesel engine is fiat has not thus far upgraded its 1.3 multi jet engine, which has won laurels for its performance, durability & mileage.7)My own view is, that fiat may introduce a 1.5 multi jet diesel engine, which is BS 6, compliant, & this will find its way to maruti & Tata diesel cars in india.

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  • Q. Which model of Maruti swift is best and should i go for petrol or diesel as i am looking for a car with good mileage and ac?
    Joseph | 2 years ago

    If you are going to take your car everyday with you go for diesel.. If you use your car twice are less Go for petrol. Also petrol engine will give you longer life and economy of cost. Go for swift vxi optional.

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    • 3.7

      Good till date . Safety is a huge concern as the components are quite cheap

    • 4.0

      Nice car in the range of 8 lakhslakhs but safety featurewise average , lookeise good , maintancewise awesome

    • 4.0

      Nice car in the range of 8 lakhslakhs but safety featurewise average , lookeise good , maintancewise awesome

    • 4.0

      Very good mileage but not power full vehicle & very smooth car city driving ok.Good looking find body dedicated.

    • 3.0

      Need to improve build quality and paint quality.Automatic transmission error occured in my car twice in a day have to keep my car at service center for week.My car run only 20000 km only ane error occured.

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    • 3.7

      My diesel powered swift 2013 is probably the best hatchback car I have ever owned. The reason I say so is because even after driving it for more than 170000 kms, the car still feels fun to drive. Moreover it is an economic option with less service costs and average fuel economy I get of about 21 kmpl. Moreover Maruti's great after sales service experience, the quality of service/repairs offered and vast network of service centers really helps. The only time I had to spend some money was in the events of tires and battery replacements. Although there are no high end features to brag about this car, the feature list is simply practical and just enough for a good driving experience. In my view, the only features this car must offer more is wider tires and cruise control. Also, Maruti should offer BS 6 diesel engines in new cars and if this happens, I think swift will be an even more fun to drive car.

    • 4.0

      I have clocked 260K KM's in last 10 years with 1.3L Petrol Engine. Just 1 clutch plate change @ 120K KM with tyre change @ every 80K KM's. Only 1 time front and back suspension change and other minor mechanical wear and tear changes. I cannot be happier than this that even after 10 years of life cycle, 260K KM's, its going strong and I believe will be able to clock anywhere around 400K Km's by next 2-3 years.I'm addicted to this car and unable to change to new one just because of sheer driving pleasure and ultra low cost maintenance.This car is just amazing......

    • 3.3

      The first gen swift is considered as one of the most fun to drive hatchbacks in India . My swift , dispite being a diesel, is no exception . It handles great, has a punchy mid range and decent braking too. The things which it misses-out on are most of the creature comforts which are found even in much cheaper car today. My Swift is a 2011 model year and still, the feature list dates back to the 90's.I still love the car as it has a soul, a happy and energetic nature which is hard to find in cars now-a-days !

    • 4.7

      The swift is an most conveniante an best handling car for the beginers.. It offers more features like push button start, automatic climate control, touchscreen infotainment system and also provides an fun to drive experience to its owners, the millege is phenomenal in this segment I think bcoz it offers 24km millege in highway. Overall it satisfies the all things for beginners. And safety features also implemented in this car ex...ABS, EBD, airbags such I preety excited about this factors of my swift

    • 3.3

      1. Its a family vehicle. good for city drives. comfy till an extend for a long trips... have traveled a maximum of 9000 km in a strech. 2. the best thing is that it is easy to maintain.. the maintenance cost is low.. everything stays within the budget.3. the negative side is the lag.. seats and the steering wheel.4. mileage is good....pickup for that segment is easy-to-go.....build quality is baad..... no vibrations till 110-120 kmph.... features are also okay.5. after sale value is high...

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