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  • 4.7
    For the starter, Lets start

    For the starter, Lets start with the pros - great styling and interiors.It looks modern when you seat in the car.- space in front and back seat is very good and with armrest in back seat adds to more comfort.It also has rear ac.- very silent, Reliable and fuel efficient engine which also contributes to extremely low nvh levels in car.- very easy to drive and offers good ride quality be it on city roads or bad roads- driver seat height adjuster is very good features and lets you adjust perfect driving position- steering mounted controls it helps you control music system as well as answer calls with ease.- last but not the least, Maruti have largest network of service centers and getting any spares in part of country is not a hassle.- offers platinum extended warranty for extra cost for 100000 or 5yrs which ever is earlier.Now the cons:1.Poor build quality, In terms of sheet metal used is very thin and may be safety issue.The metal sheet seems very flimsy.2.Beige flooring which is really difficult to maintain.3.Storage box in the dashboard is comparatively small and is not cooled.4.Stock head lamps could have been brighter.It is ok for city conditions but on highways you will feel the need to upgrade with brighter and better bulbs.5.Rear ac does not have enough throw.

  • 3.7
    Brand cars

    This was a pre-owned car which i bought recently.I love this car and especially the mileage which comes around 25kmpl.The car has a classy look and gives you a premium segment feel.It has got a durable engine and so far i've spent very little on maintenance.The service cost is also very low in comparison to other brand cars.My only issue with the car is that it's too lightweight.You can hear the engine sound while being inside and even if all your windows are closed.All of this is because the sheet metal in maruti cars is very lightweight.This is the main reason maruti cars are the worst performers in global ncap safety rankings.Maruti gives you a lot of features at a low cost so they have to cut some costs elsewhere but it should not be at the expense of the safety of the customers.

  • 4.3
    I own my swift dzire

    I own my swift dzire for around 4 years now till now this car hasn't caused me any trouble regard to its engine and suspension. it has also completed more that 2 lakh kilometres as it being used by our touring company.maintenance cost is low parts are available easily their is no problem with mileage it does 20-23 kmpl. even after 4 years it's 4 cylinder engine is quite cherpy and agressive. if you want to be the first one to go after the signal turns green this would definitely help you. it's also got a good storage capacity that can hold upto 2 big suitcases and 3 small suitcases easily. it does lack into modern day features but during that time with that price point it was a awesome car to own.

  • 5.0
    स्विफ्ट डिजायर मेर

    स्विफ्ट डिजायर मेरे सपनों की कार है इसे चला कर मुझे बहुत अच्छा लग रहा और मैं सभी से यह सलाह देता हूं कि वह भी शिफ्ट भी जाए जरूर ले एक बार जरूर चलाएं जिंदगी अनमोल है स्विफ्ट के साथ सेट हो जाए वंदे मातरम जय भारत

  • 4.3
    Post 6000rpm

    we bought the dzire in 2012 and it still have that shine⭐✨ because of it's naturally aspirated i-4, with VVT, which swirls out to post 6000rpm, which today's turbocharged car misses out. it's still comfy and easy to drive car. mileage is good enough, even when it is over 8 years old. my car have done 32000kms in odo, what it had lost is initial low end torque, and power (if we compare to today's cars). but I'm still happy with this beauty of an i-4 as it still have that symphony of VVT's 6k RPM..... :)


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