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The vehicles offered by BMW are for those who enjoy the finer tastes in life. For enthusiasts and BMW aficionados, photos and technical specifications further fuel the desire to understand and gain more knowledge on their favourite vehicle.

BMW Car Price

BMW cars price starts at Rs. 35.20 lakh for the cheapest car X1 and goes up to Rs. 2.43 crore for the top model BMW 7 Series. BMW offers 13 new car models in India. X1 (Rs. 35.20 lakh), 7 Series (Rs. 1.23 crore) and 3 Series (Rs. 41.40 lakh) are among the popular cars from BMW. In the year 2019/2020, BMW is going to launch 4 new models in India. Select a BMW car to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

BMW Car Models in India

*Prices shown for Delhi
  • 4.1
    BMW X1
    Rs. 35.20 lakh Onwards
    • 1995 cc
    • 17.05 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.6
    BMW 7 Series
    Rs. 1.23 crore Onwards
    • 2993 cc
    • 17.66 kmpl
    • Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4.4
    BMW 3 Series
    Rs. 41.40 lakh Onwards
    • 1995 cc
    • 19.62 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.1
    BMW Z4
    Rs. 64.90 lakh Onwards
    • 2998 cc
    • 14.37 kmpl
    • Petrol
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  • 4.5
    BMW X5
    Rs. 73.30 lakh Onwards
    • 2993 cc
    • 13.38 kmpl
    • Petrol/Diesel
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  • 3.9
    BMW X3
    Rs. 56.00 lakh Onwards
    • 1995 cc
    • 18.56 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.6
    BMW 5 Series
    Rs. 59.30 lakh Onwards
    • 2993 cc
    • 18.59 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.4
    BMW 3 Series GT
    Rs. 47.70 lakh Onwards
    • 1995 cc
    • 21.76 kmpl
    • Petrol/Diesel
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  • 4.8
    BMW 6 Series
    Rs. 64.40 lakh Onwards
    • 1995 cc
    • 17.09 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 3.9
    BMW X4
    Rs. 60.60 lakh Onwards
    • 2993 cc
    • 14.71 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4.7
    BMW M2
    Rs. 81.80 lakh Onwards
    • 2979 cc
    • 10.63 kmpl
    • Petrol
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  • 4.1
    BMW X7
    Rs. 98.90 lakh Onwards
    • 2998 cc
    • 10.54 kmpl
    • Diesel/Petrol
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  • 4
    BMW M Series
    Rs. 1.36 crore Onwards
    • 2979 cc
    • 10.99 kmpl
    • Petrol
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BMW User Reviews

  • X1
    50 ratings

    It is such a nice car. Its my personal review about the car and its moonroof is better than other comparative cars. I like this car very much and BMW is a good brand. The car is having big boot space, adjustable seats and automatic gear shift with very good performance.

    Dreamz 1 year ago
    X1 User Reviews
  • 7 Series
    14 ratings
    7 Series

    Well it"s ok ok and dude maintenance is really costly

    Darpan 3 months ago
    7 Series User Reviews
  • Z4
    7 ratings

    hi everyone, First of all I would say this car is perfect mix of features that a driver wants to feel while seating in whether it"s sportier steering or Roar from the back very rare number of cars has such features together in the market of today,though it look gentle and innocent from outside,the real heat is hidden under the hood

    Mr 3 months ago
    Z4 User Reviews
  • X5
    7 ratings

    wonderfully maintained car great engine with all features working in perfect condition

    M 3 days ago
    X5 User Reviews
  • 5 Series
    47 ratings
    5 Series

    Over the years I have had the good fortune of owning a variety of brands- Maruti, Hyundai, VW, Skoda, Mercedes and most recently BMW 5 series, which undoubtedly is the best driving experience. I like to drive and the 5 series is sheer pleasure. However, BMW’s dealer in Ranchi is not a shadow of who they represent. Here’s my experience: they started on a high note- unrelenting phone calls until payment was collected. They give me a date to take delivery. Since I live in Jamshedpur (about 170 kms from the dealership), to make sure before arriving, I ask for a copy of Temporary Permit (TP). They go -that’s not done yet but ‘chalte hai’- everyone takes delivery without one. I ask how about insurance cover, God forbid, in case of an accident without TP. They say- that’s your risk! Obviously, I postpone the delivery until the following week when they confirm that TP is done. On the day, after a flimsy ritual of (third class) cake cutting ceremony, they hand me the keys with a photo copy of an un-signed, un-stamped TP! As much as I am aghast, I have no option but to drive a new car with technically no legal paper of registration and ownership. They promise to have the signed copy of the TP sent within 48 hrs, which after 41 days I still haven’t received!Now, here’s the kicker- my TP expired on Aug 29 and the car has no registration; hence a 60 lac car now sits pretty in my garage while I use a Ola to get to work!So in summary BMW ought to do better in their selection of dealership, lest they risk erosion of their hard-earned brand equity. To all the BMW lovers in Jharkhand and Bihar, stay away from Titanium.

    Anil 3 months ago
    5 Series User Reviews
  • 3 Series GT
    30 ratings
    3 Series GT

    i got this car in July 2018 with a good deal thrown in and the complete service and maintenance package. Good ride, spacious rear leg and head room.. only thing I miss the reclining rear seats and separate rear AC as in the 5.. and of course android auto connectivity (I avoid IOS for certain priniciple issues).. otherwise its a great car

    Francis 11 months ago
    3 Series GT User Reviews
  • 6 Series
    15 ratings
    6 Series

    BMW is series 5 stylish the 6 series is better

    Abhi 1 month ago
    6 Series User Reviews
  • X4
    5 ratings

    The Indian Roads as they are today do not deserve this car.The rear seat comfort is lacking.

    Somaji 9 months ago
    X4 User Reviews
  • M2
    6 ratings

    Its a good car but the problem of this car is price it should be like 15 lakhs because jeep compass gives more comfortble ride so my opinion is this

    DESTRUCTOR 1 year ago
    M2 User Reviews
  • X7
    5 ratings

    super bike is the x7. really it is so fast and most popular design and beautiful. I am vivek and i hobby is so fast bike ride. it x7 bike is sooooo.. good.

    Vivek 1 month ago
    X7 User Reviews
  • M Series
    12 ratings
    M Series

    It's quite good , I love this car it's awesome

    Zain 8 months ago
    M Series User Reviews

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    The new generation of BMW’s compact sedan does more to douse you in luxury and comfort. But does it add to the 3 Series’ core value of driving pleasure or has it come at the cost of it?

    Aug 24, 2019
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    BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo: Road Test Review

    If you’ve steered clear from the rest of BMW’s sedan range on account of their rather sporty ride over our ruts and potholes, the BMW 6 Series GT could be the softie pick for you.

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