BMW 6 Series GT Review | Lovable Underdog Gets Refreshed! | 630i MSport

The BMW 6GT always comes across as something of an underdog, especially in India. It’s a value proposition that never gets the recognition it deserves, much like BMW's previous Gran Turismo offerings, the 5GT and 3GT. It’s not a sedan or SUV, nor is it a traditional coupe. However, the 6GT is a great family luxury car that, quite literally, delivers a balance between the 5- and 7-series. It’s bigger, more comfortable and more practical than the 5 Series but offers these benefits at a very reasonable price premium over its sedan counterpart. It also has the punch you’d expect from a BMW with 2.0L petrol and diesel engines, along with a range-topping 3.0L diesel as well. Changes with the facelift aren’t significant but largely have to do with making the car’s exterior look sharper. The 6GT also gets a larger infotainment screen, new digital instrument cluster and some minor feature additions. The model’s line-up also witnesses a rejig, with the petrol version now offered in the 630i M Sport only, while the diesel is offered as the 620d Luxury Line and 630d M Sport.
  • by Tushar Kamath
  • April 24, 2021
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