• Q. Is Royal Enfield Classic 350 suitable for long ride?

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    RJ | 1 month ago

    Nah a Stock classic 350 isn't good for long rides as it has a low height handlebar which after 100 KM ride results in your backpain wrist pain so use bullet stock handle which is high lift handlebar and is easily available in Royal Enfield authorised parts center. Do not do any modifications to seat because seat is good and if you want to try Air cushion seat you can try but it doesn't have much effect but only reduce your Hip and thigh pain.

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    DIVANSHU | 2 months ago

    If you specifically looking for the long ride I would suggest you to go for Thunderbird. Otherwise classic is good for long ride if you are a rider for the Pillion it's curse.

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    Krishan | 5 months ago

    If you think for long riding then go for Thunderbird, Himalayan or Interceptor. Classic 350 create discomfort at the speed of more than 90km/hrs and continue vibration due to spring on seat. I had classic, Thunderbird and Interceptor but riding comfort only you can better experience on Thunderbird.

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    Rohit | 9 months ago

    Ofcourse ive crossed like 6 states (tamilnadu ,karnataka,andrapradhesh ,Maharashtra ,gujarat,rajasthan in onestrech other than the problems in indian roads (uneducated traffic) no problem was there the bike was super d**n performer

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    Sagar | 3 weeks ago

    Obviously, you just need to get seat changed for long rides, i have already travelled to himachal from delhi on Classic 350, no problems

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    Vamsi | 3 months ago

    Obviously. But as I own both classic 350 and avenger 220, I feel avenger is a lot better for long rides and one more issue is breakdown.

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    Mahendra | 11 months ago

    Its comfortable for long distances , but will feel uncomfortable after a single stretch of more than 100 kms , needs break , vibration level is a major set back at high speeds , Millage 38+ ( 70-80 Kmph ) above 80 it sucks .

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    Sujit | 3 months ago

    Yes, it's a great bike for long rides, make sure you check your tyres, brakes, oil, l**e your chain, etc before you go... happy riding

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    Tushar | 1 year ago

    Yes. You can take it any distance you wish to go. It won’t be heating or retiring up or making you tired riding it. Also, the bike it steady and balanced to offer your consistent and controlled ride all the way.

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    Ama | 4 months ago

    Yes but with minor change like handle height increase and with some back rest feature add actualy its very powerfull engine for long rides always

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