• Q. I heard from Bullet owners that the chain sprocket is a frequent failure in RE, Is this correct - Classic 350?

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    Ayyan | 1 month ago

    I went on a long Kerala ride ....I had to change it.....because of the crazy ghats riding I guess....and I din't l**e it......and I had to pay for it.....anyways my sprocket and chain was due fr change....so changed the whole thing.......

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    Roopan | 11 months ago

    Not frequent , depends in your drive and terrain . If you go on long drives or drive on very rough terrains ..its definitely a problem.. If you are using it for daily commute its best to change them every once in 10,000Kms

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    Uppiliappan | 2 months ago

    Lack of non-maintenance it will fail. Note Every 250 km chain should be cleaned & Lubed properly.

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    Akhil | 2 weeks ago

    I have changed it for the first time and My Bullet standard covered 31500...

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    Himanshu | 11 months ago

    Maybe yes, i have driven my RE Classic 350 for 36000 kms in 4 years and changed my chain sprocket 2 times.

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    Daylyn | 11 months ago

    Yes definitely!! I had to change my chain sprocket 2 months after the free services ended

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    Punit | 11 months ago

    No it is not correct, if you face this problem mush check the driving environment.

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    Chinnapattu | 10 months ago

    Thanks for tour reply. until replace the chain sprocket how many KM used bike?

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    Ankit | 11 months ago

    Yes absolutely . Is a problem in classic 350. I have changed it before 10k km.

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    Chinnapattu | 10 months ago

    Thanks for your reply how many KM driven? pls reply.

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