• Q. My height is 5.3 so classic 350 is comfort for me or not?

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    Krishan | 5 months ago

    You need modify your seat if you want Interceptor as my height 5"6'and suffering while pull back my Interceptor. With manufacturers seat, I had trouble pain on your thighs during riding at my height. After seat modification the effort may less while pulling my bike back.Company clearly mentioned that if I change the handle bar then warranty will laps but no solution provided by Royal Enfield engineering team for ridding better at the height of below 5"6' as most of the ridder may be below 5"6'.This is my experience and you can decide whether you buy or not.

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    Sivagurunathan | 2 months ago

    I own a classic 350, I'm 5.8 both my feet don't reach ground when I sit. But I find guys who are leaner, shorter handle better. If your reflexes are quick... Go for it. You will be able to manage. Don't judge yourself with test-drive. You will ride better as you get use to it

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    DIVANSHU | 2 months ago

    It is a heavy bike Almost 200kg. So when you are stuck somewhere(potholes or something) it will be very difficult for you to move the bike. I'm 5'7 I too have done some modifications with the seat as well.

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    Abhishek | 2 weeks ago

    Yes you can manage if you have proper fittness... But you will get hesitate while reversing the bike but it's not a problem in these days....you can reduce the height of the ceat

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    Parz | 11 months ago

    Yes its ok for ur height but u are not a healthy person then dont go for because pulling back the bike ull face a lot of difficulties my height is 6 and still i face a bit pressure in legs while shifting bike without engine on

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    Uppiliappan | 2 months ago

    You can. The RE 350 seat height should be lowed. While riding you have to wear boot. This will make more comfortable & confident to ride.

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    Revathi | 2 months ago

    No idea! But my Height 5.9 then also, trouble push back.. bcoz heavy weight!But if you ride continously 10 day , it will be practice

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    Jagdeep | 3 weeks ago

    Technically minimum height for comfortable siting posture and handling is 5feet 6 inches for any royal infield bike.

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    NEERAV | 3 months ago

    Classic 350 is not comfortable for riders below 5’9 their both legs will not reach the ground but you can modify the seats accordingly

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    Ama | 3 months ago

    You want to change seat height or change seat as per height comfart there are many of custom seat wenders available in local market

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