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The most iconic scooter company in the world, Vespa, has made its Indian return. The Italian firm has been the most revered name in the world of scooters since its inception in 1940s. Over the years t ...Read More

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  • Piaggio Bike News

    • Piaggio Piaggio to open four Motoplex stores in India

      by Janak Sorap on November 6, 2015 14:35 IST
      Hot on the heels of the unveiling of the flagship Motoplex store in Pune, Piaggio India confirms that it will open three to four more stores in the country by March 2016.
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    • Piaggio Piaggio Motoplex multibrand concept store opens in Pune

      by Saeed Akhtar on November 4, 2015 16:35 IST
      The first of its kind in South East Asia, the Piaggio Motoplex store brings Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, and Vespa two-wheelers under one roof.
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    • Piaggio Piaggio Motoplex showroom to be inaugurated on November 3rd

      by Arun Mohan Nadar on October 27, 2015 23:16 IST
      Piaggio will inaugurate the first Motoplex showroom in the Asian market at Pune on November 3rd. The Motoplex will have offeringss from Vespa, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi together making it the first multi product showroom for the Italian brand in our market
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    • Piaggio Vespa SXL 150: Top 5 facts

      by Arun Mohan Nadar on September 4, 2015 10:34 IST
      The Vespa SXL 150 is the only 150cc scooter offering on sale in India and could give other manufacturer the boost to introduce higher displacement scooters. We bring forward the top 5 facts of the new Vespa SXL
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  • Piaggio Bike Reviews

    • Piaggio Vespa VXL and SXL 150: Test Ride Review

      by Ravi Ved Photography: Sarmad Kadiri on September 10, 2015 16:54 IST
      With the launch of the VXL 150 and the SXL 150, Vespa has reignited the 150cc scooter segment in India. We take them for a spin to find out if they are worth the premium sticker price
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    • Piaggio Vespa S: Review

      by Arun Mohan Nadar Photography: Ravi Ved on March 5, 2014 22:39 IST
      It's retro, chic, stylish and expensive. We ride the latest premium scooter offering from the stables of Piaggio
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    • Piaggio Vespa VX125 : First Ride

      by Rahul Basu Photography : Ravi Ved on June 18, 2013 20:36 IST
      Piaggio has brought in its new Vespa VX variant to the Indian market with additional features and bright new colours. We spent an afternoon puttering around Club Corinthian's aesthetically tiled driveways in Pune to find out if the VX is just better eye candy or in fact a more advantageous product as compared to the standard Vespa model
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    • Piaggio New Vespa 125: Road Test

      by Varad More Photography: Kunal Khadse on May 2, 2012 20:22 IST
      The legendary Vespa scooter is back and how! Running an advanced 3-valve 125cc engine under the gorgeous retro-styled bodywork, the new scooter has been assigned the task of kick-starting the premium scooter segment and it looks all set to get the job done in style
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  • Piaggio Bike Gallery

    • Piaggio Vespa SXL 150: Review Photo Gallery

      by Ravi Ved on September 11, 2015 14:04 IST
      Vespa has reignited the 150cc scooter segment with two new offerings - VXL 150 and the SXL 150. Here are some pictures of the brand's flagship SXL 150 model.
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    • Piaggio Vespa 946: Official Video

      by Team ZigWheels on July 19, 2013 14:25 IST
      After recently expanding its Vespa portfolio by launching the VX variant, Piaggio is planning something big for its scooter aficionados by launching the Vespa 946 by end of 2013
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