Uno Minda Engine Oil For TVS NTorq 125 (BS3): 4,000km Review

  • Apr 14, 2024
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Here’s how our NTorq has performed after riding it for 4,000km with Uno Minda’s engine oil

Back in 2023, global component maker Uno Minda sent us one of their new scooter engine oils for testing. We decided to test out this oil, Uno Minda’s Perfo 10W-30, in one of our colleagues’ BS3 TVS NTorq. From then, till now, the scooter has run about 4,000km with this new oil. Granted, that’s not a lot of kilometres clocked given the duration, but my colleague has a ridiculously short commute to work. So we reckoned this would be enough to determine how well this oil has performed in the TVS NTorq.

After we put in a fresh batch of the Perfo 10W-30 in the NTorq, right from the first few dozen kilometres, the improvement in the scooter’s performance has been very noticeable. This NTorq was plagued by significant vibrations, especially at city speeds, and a fairly gruff engine noise. But after running Uno Minda’s engine oil, we’ve seen a distinct reduction in vibrations from the NTorq’s motor. By no means have the vibrations completely disappeared, but the reduction is quite clear, and that has made riding the NTorq around town a joy once again. But even before we noticed the reduction in vibrations, the immediately noticeable difference was in the way the engine sounded. Literally, within 50km of riding, the motor began sounding smoother… going back to the original throaty exhaust in no time.

But it’s not just the reduction in vibrations and improvement in the engine noise that has been the hallmark of Uno Minda’s engine oil. After about 2,000km of riding, we reinspected the oil inside the engine using the scooter’s dipstick. And while this isn’t a scientific assessment by any means, visually at least, the oil barely looked like it had maintained its viscosity quite well. This leads us to believe that Uno Minda’s oil is quite resilient and should maintain its performance till it comes time for the next oil change six months down the line.

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According to Uno Minda, the Perfo Maxx 10W-30 oil can effectively protect a scooter's engine from excessive wear and tear, ensuring its longevity and reliability. This, coupled with the oil’s great pricing (just Rs 342 for an 800ml bottle) and our experience so far, has us thinking that the value proposition of Uno Minda’s oil is indeed difficult to beat. 

Of course, we’ll once again evaluate this Perfo Maxx 10W-30 engine oil’s consistency and condition when the NTorq is due for its next oil change. But going by our experience till this point, we believe that it should last a full 10,000km without any problems. So whether you’re riding a TVS NTorq or any other Indian scooter, we think Uno Minda’s oil should be in your consideration during your next regular service. If nothing else, you’re sure to see an improvement in your scooter’s refinement.

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