TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term Report

Here’s a quick report on how the NTorq proves itself in the rainy season

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TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term

Our long-term TVS NTorq has been proving itself as a worthy scooter so far. But instead of getting into the fun bits we all know of straight away, I will be sharing some issues I have been on my daily commutes to the office in the rainy season.

I have lately been taking the highway for all my commutes from home to office, covering 50 kilometres to and fro. However, with the heavy showers, Pune has been facing lately, I did come across a rather strange sight when I reached office one day.

TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term

I usually place my laptop bag on the floorboard, hanging from the hook behind the front apron. And to my surprise, the lower portion of the bag was completely drenched.

TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term

On further investigation, while riding, I noticed that water is seeping onto the floorboard from the corners in the front. It’s not that the NTorq’s design is flawed but since the floorboard is narrower at the front, water tends to get splashed from there. So be aware of this in case you intend to carry something that shouldn’t get wet.

TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term

Also, at speeds of around 65kmph water starts climbing up the front cowl covering the instrument console. This flows down from the handlebar, dripping on to the bag again.


I understand that people don’t usually commute for more than 25km on an average. I, on the other hand, planned to head for Lavasa, which is about 65km from my place. This journey was done with a pillion on board, and with not much space to move around owing to the relatively short seat, I found the journey to be a bit cumbersome.

TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term

Not only that, since I have size 10 feet and the floorboard is short, there wasn’t much space to flex my legs either. As a result, my knees also started to pain.

TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term

On the upside, the suspension works brilliantly while tackling even deep water-filled potholes. Also, TVS has managed to sort out the issue of the side skirts hitting the exhaust pipe on the right side.

TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term

All things said, my daily commute with the NTorq still puts a smile on my face. But the rainwater issue is worrying for me and has added a bit of discomfort to my ride.

TVS NTorq 2800km Long Term


Date acquired: 4 April 2018
Odometer reading on date acquired: 213km
Total kilometres covered: 2800km
Fuel efficiency: 47kmpl (City)
Cheers: Power, refinement and ride quality
Sneers: Water creeps onto the floorboard from the sides

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