Suzuki Gixxer: 3,000km Long Term Review

With two months of use and 3,000km on the clock, the sheen of the new Suzuki Gixxer 155 has started to wear off with minor issue cropping up... which thankfully has been resolved after a visit to the service station. Get detailed review for Suzuki Gixxer performance on zigwheels.

Suzuki Gixxer 3000km Long Term Review
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The Suzuki Gixxer 155 has been one of the few bikes that we got to test and ride not just on city roads, but also on the highway and even on a racetrack. After abundant highway runs from Mumbai to Pune via Lonavala, we also got a chance to take the Gixxer on a longer ride to the much hyped 2015 India Bike Week in Goa.

The cushy seat and well sprung suspension ensured that the thousand odd kilometres were a lot more comfortable. The MRF tyres, on the other hand, held on to the tarmac as if on rails, and made the rider-bike relationship thicker.

Once back, the Suzuki started to sound gruff, power delivery wasn’t optimum and the brakes had started to fade. Probably, all the stall hopping, partying and sunny Goa in general had taken a toll not just on the ride, but on the bike too. A good service for the bike and maybe a spa treatment for the ride were in order.

The authorised Suzuki service station was impressively prompt and courteous. With the engine oil change, filters replaced and a good wash, the Suzuki Gixxer felt rejuvenated and was back afresh. The brakes had got their bite back and the bike felt like it did on the very first day at the ZigWheels garage, leaving nothing much to complain about.

Good:  Ride Quality, Tyres

Bad:  No Fuel Injection

Kilometres done: 3,003km

Fuel Economy: 49kmpl (on an average)

Acquired in: January 2015

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