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4.3 /5
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Preferred For : Daily Commute

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  • 4.2

    Hi everyone this is sanjay. I own an NS 200 ABS 2019 Graphite White Model. I own this bike for 8 months and have done roughly around 5700 kms till now. And to say frankly that this bike is an awesome machine which has all the requirements such as powerful machine with 23.5 bhp engine and aggressive look and eye catching on the roads especially. I have done terrain rides, highway rides, local city rides and its capable of everything. Also has some vibration issues on the lower RPM and that's common on all the sport bikes. Seat cushioning is bit lacking and the bike has a low end lag under 4k rpm once it reaches 6-7k rpm it gets to show its true identity. It's a total beast on 200cc segment. Never faced any heating issues with my bike. I regularly do the maintenance such as 500 kms once cleaning and lubing the chain and water wash once a month. And tightening the chain once every 1000 to 1500 kms. Mileage is bit disappointing but who cares? A we need is the raw power and sufficient torque. If you are looking for a normal commute purpose and a family man i'm not suggesting you this bike. But if you are a person who love to go long drives and raw power i'd definitely say yes for this bike. Just go for it without thinking. Naked Wolves Forever.

  • 4.6

    Well after duke this thing is much capable than any 200cc or even 250. Foolish people shout out for RTR 200 but RTR not even comparable with NS 200. NS is much more musculer, aggressive in road presence. I own a bs4 and trust me it's way too smooth. The only con of this bike is lack of low end torque. You have to downshift every time you go through a speed breakers or bad roads. This thing comes alive after 4/5 k rpm and show its full potential post 6 to 7 k rpm. NS is not for everyone bike but RTR does. Maintenance costs and cost of spare parts are pocket friendly. However NS's engine derived from duke 200 and it's a detuned version of duke so1it's not a hooligan machine. But in top speed due to curb set up this thing Is even Faster than FZ 25 and duke1250.

  • 3.4

    It's a nice powerful bike. But it's not for daily commute mainly when you are travelling in traffic areas. Seat height is little extra. Because of seat height you can not bend the bike with confidence if you are not a perfect rider. Weight is not well balanced as its heavier on front. Top speed I have achieved 146 On Bangalore Airport Highway. But it skids when sudden breaks are not applied properly . I own a fz too. Fz is better in control and very good for daily commute. Even for long rides if you are not a speed lover then fz is better as its very comfortable seating posture. But if you compare everything like pricing, features and power then Ns 200 is better but it should be driven carefully always because more power means more risk.

  • 3.8

    I have been owning and riding this bike for 1 year now, and my experience has somewhat been okayish...I get around 26-28kmplThe free services cost me1around 1,000-1,200 for consummables, and now the odometer reads 11,500 kilometres..The bike has been having problems with chain sprocket lately, and the service technician has1asked me to have the chain sprocket kit replaced at a cost of around 3,000/-, which is not reasonable, because1I have gotten my bike serviced at regular intervals as prescibed in the user mannual and been cleaning/lubing1the chain almost every 500-550 kilometres..This is really not encouraging..

  • 4.6

    Ns 200 is the best bike in 200 cc segment based on mileage and riding comfort I got around 32 to 38 in city and upto 42 in highway..... Maintenance cost is very cheap compare to other bikes like ktm... I change my oil every 5000 km I change oil stock to motoul it's very costly than the stock but performance increase and refinement is of bike is very good.... Also you can see the the increase of mileage.... Now I am completed arount 35000 km ..... Chain last long arount 20000 to 22000 km... But it's not that much costly.... Otherwise bike is like new still now...

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  • 5.0

    This is a dream bike for me ... And I'm very much excited about the bs6 model of ns 200.. I don't why the bs6 model not come in jsr yet☹️

  • 4.2

    I like most of power full bike is 200ns

  • 3.0

    I have bought a new ns 200 abs version on 22nd dec 2019. After riding 500 km approx. Post service just after 2 days bike clutch got shot due to input shaft. Due to that engine was dismantled which is worst part for a new bike owner. After sales, service do not support well which is very poor. In my opinion i wouldn't suggest this bike as i was riding r15 completed 28k kilometer still engine part never got dismanteled.

  • 5.0

    awesome bike well maintained and i m the first owner

  • 3.8

    Performance and comfort are well btw mileage is low

All Pulsar NS200 User Reviews