Top 5 Tips To Follow Before Taking Delivery Of Your Two-Wheeler

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  • Nov 2, 2018
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Planning to splurge some of that hard-earned cash on a nice pair of wheels? Grab a magnifying glass and follow these tips to grab a vehicle that will serve you faithfully for a long, long time


Top 5 Tips To Follow Before Taking Delivery Of Your Two-Wheeler

With the current deluge of vehicles we are having and all the offers manufacturers are doling out to entice us, there never has been a better time than now to bring home a bike or a car. That said, with so many two-wheelers flying out of dealerships every day, it is not very unlikely to encounter a dodgy one. Here are some tips and guides you definitely should follow to ensure the delivery process goes without any hiccups.

First Things First -

Before you even leave for the dealership, make sure to book the delivery time as per your convenience. Keeping enough free time on your hands will help you inspect the vehicle more thoroughly. Hastening the process might just lead to some critical errors being missed.

Top 5 Tips To Follow Before Taking Delivery Of Your Two-Wheeler

Okay, so your two-wheeler is now in front you. Before you swing a leg over, go through the paperwork. Make sure the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) given to you matches the one on the motorcycle. You can find it etched on the headstock of any two-wheeler. Now, the next thing to do is grab your proverbial magnifying glass and do a visual inspection of the bodywork. Check for any dents, loose wiring, plastic fitment gaps, discolouration and all. Grab a friend or family member along with you to get a second pair of eyes.

Wait For It -

If everything checks out, it is now the time to start the motorcycle. This is where you need to check if all the electronics work properly. Check the headlight, brake light, turn indicators and the lot. If the bike has a digital readout, check if all the readouts are visible. Not to mention, you should also be inspecting the fit and finish quality of the switches.

Top 5 Tips To Follow Before Taking Delivery Of Your Two-Wheeler

Once everything is good to go, hit the ignition button. DO NOT rev the bike too hard as it might harm the engine. Instead, check if the bike starts in one go. If it doesn’t, wait, be patient and try after a minute with minimal throttle input. Once the bike is up and running, let it idle and warm up for a while. This is also the time when all the essential fluids are circulated through the engine.

See If You Have All The Essential Tools And Accessories -

Many first time buyers forget to check the toolkit and the first aid kit. Not having a knowledge of their existence may lead to annoying situations during a small accident or a mechanical failure. Many manufacturers place the toolbox and the first aid kit underneath the rear seat. Check if all the tools are in place and in good condition. Check the first aid kit for expiry dates.

Top 5 Tips To Follow Before Taking Delivery Of Your Two-Wheeler

Before you go for a test ride, examine the tyres for any wear or scuffing. Check if the wheel alignment is right. If not, get it fixed from the dealer itself - this can be dangerous on the go. First-time buyers should also make sure the tyres have tiny spike-like extensions, called ‘vent spews,’ on the surface of the tyres.

Last but not the last, check if all the fluids are topped up to recommended levels.

Time To Go For A Spin -

Even if it’s just a short spin across the dealership parking lot, make sure you are wearing all the necessary safety gear, most importantly a helmet. Once on the move, keep your ears out for any strange noises, vibrations, etc. If the alignment of the handlebar or the wheel is not accurate, you’ll notice the bike pulling you in a certain direction. If you encounter this, get it rectified immediately.

Top 5 Tips To Follow Before Taking Delivery Of Your Two-Wheeler

We also recommend sticking to the manufacturer’s stipulated speed limit since the engine is still new and needs some breaking-in time. When stationary, make sure the motorcycle idles in the range of 1,000rpm - 1,500rpm and not above or below that.

Bring It Home -

Now that everything checks out and you’ve confirmed that the bike is in top condition, it’s time to finally take it home. But before you do that make sure you have all warranty and insurance papers in place. Your bike may have passed the initial inspection but that doesn’t guarantee that it won’t break down on the road. If you’ve brought any additional accessories, check if they are fitted properly.

Top 5 Tips To Follow Before Taking Delivery Of Your Two-Wheeler

We can’t stress this enough, but please invest in some high-quality riding gear. This can save you from possible life-threatening injuries. And as always, be safe and happy riding!


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