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The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has breached the Rs 2 lakh price barrier for the first time

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Royal Enfield has revised the pricing of its entire portfolio on the onset of the new month. The prices of all the bikes have been bumped up by a massive margin. Here’s a look at the July 2021 price list of Royal Enfield:


New Price

Old Price 

Price Difference

Bullet 350 (on-road Delhi)


Bullet Silver & Onyx Black: Rs 1,58,485

Bullet Silver & Onyx Black: Rs 1,53,718

Rs 4,767

Black: Rs 1,65,754

Black: Rs 1,60,775

Rs 4,979


Regal Red, Jet Black & Royal Blue: Rs 1,82,190

Regal Red, Jet Black & Royal Blue: Rs 1,76,731

Rs 5,459

Royal Enfield Classic 350 (ex-showroom Delhi)

Single-channel ABS, Chestnut Red, Ash, Mercury Silver, Redditch Red, Pure Black

Rs 1,79,782

Rs 1,72,466

Rs 7,316

Dual-channel ABS, Classic Black, Pure Black & Mercury Silver

Rs 1,88,531

Pure Black & Mercury Silver: Rs 1,80,877, Classic Black: Rs 1,80,879

Pure Black & Mercury Silver: Rs 7,654,

Classic Black: Rs 7,652

Dual-channel ABS, Gunmetal Grey

Rs 2,03,480 (Alloy)

Rs 1,90,555 (Spoke)

Rs 1,95,252 (Alloy)

Rs 1,82,825 (Spoke)

Rs 8,228 (Alloy)

Rs 7,730 (Spoke)

Dual-channel ABS, Signals edition (Airborne Blue & Stormrider Sand)

Rs 1,99,777

Airborne Blue: Rs 1,91,693, 

Stormrider Sand: Rs 1,91,692

Airborne Blue: Rs 8,084

Stormrider Sand: Rs 8,085

Dual-channel ABS, Stealth Black & Chrome Black

Rs 2,06,962

Rs 1,98,600

Rs 8,362

Dual-Channel ABS, Orange Ember & Metallo Silver

Rs 2,03,480

Rs 1,95,252

Rs 8,228

2021 Himalayan (ex-showroom)

Granite Black, Pine Green

Rs 2,13,273

Rs 2,08,657

Rs 4,616

Mirage Silver, Gravel Grey

Rs 2,05,784

Rs 2,01,314

Rs 4,470

Lake Blue, Rock Red

Rs 2,09,529

Rs 2,04,985

Rs 4,544

Interceptor 650 (ex-showroom)

Mark 2 Chrome

Rs 3,03,620

Rs 2,97,134

Rs 6486

Baker Express, Sunset Strip, Downtown Drag

Rs 2,89,805

Rs 2,83,593

Rs 6,212

Orange Crush, Ventura Blue, Canyon Red

Rs 2,81,518

Rs 2,75,467

Rs 6,051

Continental GT650 (ex-showroom)

Mr. Clean 

Rs 3,20,177

Rs 3,13,368

Rs 6,809

British Racing Green, Rocker Red

Rs 2,98,079

Rs 2,91,700

Rs 6,379

Dux Deluxe, Ventura Storm

Rs 3,06,368

Rs 2,99,830

Rs 6,538

Meteor 350 (ex-showroom)

Fireball (Red, Yellow)

Rs 1,92,109

Rs 1,84,319

Rs 7,790

Stellar (Blue, Red, Black)

Rs 1,98,099

Rs 1,90,079

Rs 8,020

Supernova (Brown, Blue)

Rs 2,08,084

Rs 1,99,679

Rs 8,405

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has witnessed a massive surge in its pricing, and for the first time, has ventured into the Rs 2 lakh territory. With the launch of the 2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 on the horizon, we reckon that the new bike will demand a premium over this.

Even the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 now costs up to Rs 8,405 more than before, and has crossed the Rs 2 lakh mark. The Royal Enfield Himalayan, which was launched earlier this year, has also received a price hike but compared to its siblings, it is nominal. Will the Himalayan be a good choice at this price? Find out in our road test review here.

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and the Continental 650 received a new palette of colours in March, which resulted in a big leap in prices. Now, with the prices going up again by upto Rs 6,803, the RE 650 Twins have become quite pricey.

Royal Enfield’s domestic sales weren’t impressive last month and the numbers dipped by two percent compared to June 2020. With the new prices, the sales are likely to be impacted even more.


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