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TVS’s New Solution For Future Electric Scooters Could Save Both The Company And Buyer A Lot Of Moolah

New patent designs might help TVS use existing scooter platforms for future electric scooters

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Let’s get one thing straight: the TVS iQube is a brilliant electric scooter. It serves the purpose of a family electric scooter brilliantly. So, we have pretty high hopes from the future electric offerings to come out of Hosur. And early signs are pretty positive as new patent drawings illustrate how future TVS electric scooters might shape up. 

Judging by the patent images, it might seem like a TVS Wego being reborn. And in a way, that is sort of what it is heading towards: making use of existing scooter families. What TVS might look to do with future electric products is retain the underbone frame from either the Jupiter, Scooty or the NTorq 125, and replace the swinging engine and CVT cage. 

In its stead, TVS has designed a unique swingarm on which the motor will be mounted. The shaft from the motor will be connected to a gear reduction. Power from the gears will be transferred to the rear wheel via a belt and pulley drive. In order to keep the gears lubricated, they are placed in a dedicated oil chamber, and since the belts don’t need to be lubricated, they are well isolated from the oil chamber.

However, TVS being a super conservative technologically advanced company (yeah, quite an oxymoron but that’s what it is), has encased this entire contraption inside a metal casing, so as to protect the belt. We have extensively used the Ather 450X and its exposed belt drive hasn’t caused any issues. 

What advantage does this give to TVS? It saves engineering and R&D costs. Not with regards to the electric powertrain but the foundations and styling, which can be lifted straight off the production line or with minor tweaks. We have dearly wanted an electric version of the NTorq 125 or the Creon concept to come to life, and this could just be the way TVS makes it possible.

Back in 2021, TVS top boss Sudarshan Venu had stated that TVS would be “launching half a dozen EVs across segments in the next 24 months.” We have seen a few new iQube variants in recent times. Newer products between 5kW and 25kW are expected to be on the horizon, with a co-developed electric platform with BMW also in the works. 

TVS is certainly quite serious about its electric ambitions and this was a neat glimpse into what the future holds for the brand.

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