• Q. Which one is better Swift or Swift dzire? Petrol or Diesel? Kindly Suggest.

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    Dilip | 2 months ago

    It depends on you if you want small boot and small car for easy driving go for swift if you need a big one with enough boot space go for Dzire if its diesel more maintenance it's a bit pricey than petrol carand adds on more weight than a petrol carif its petrol less maintenance less cost than a diesel carless weight more power but you should afford petrolits expensive a bit than diesel

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    Updates | 2 months ago

    Performance of diesel car is always best. However swift or swift dzire is your choice. Both have same technical specifications. There are only two variations. First is the looks of car, as one is hatchback amd other is sedan. Other difference is stability at top speed. I have driven swift at a top speed of 175 while dzire upto 183. Dzire was little more stable.

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    CHIRAG | 1 month ago

    Even though both swift and the dzire share the same engine, the swift is more sportier to ride. and petrols engines are more powerful in the low end RPMs and petrol engines are far more refined than diesel engine and petrol engines are much quieter than diesel engines. so, go for Swift petrol

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    Shubham | 2 months ago

    I think that dzire Or swift is dependent on choices but if you want to drive one at your grage prefer petrol becoz petrol version has a little more power and it is a quiet car, at 2000 rpm you'll confused that engine is on or not I owned zxi+ and it just a quiet flying machine...

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    Allan | 5 days ago

    Would agree with answers below ...first of all i have a Swift AMT and would recommend an AMT rather than a manual car considering the traffic congestion in Mumbai today...if one is driving more than 2000 kms per month then would a diesel car make economic sense

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    Durgesh | 1 week ago

    If you have good running like more than 3000 kms per month then you should go for diesel engine but if you are driving occasionally and with less kms ....then considering the maintenance cost diesel variant is expensive choice

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    INCREDIBIE | 9 months ago

    If you want a sedan car in low price then DZire best in its segment . But DZire is 1lakh is more than swift . If you want a car in low price then swift is bast . DZire is based in other segment and swift based in another segment . But theses cars are best in there segment . If want luxury car in low price then DZire is best , if you will pay 1lakh more than swift then you will get a luxury car in low price.

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    The | 1 week ago

    Depends on your running. In case your running is 350 K.M per week Petrol vehicle is fine but in case running per week is between 700 to 1000 K.M per week then opt for Diesel version.

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    Shyju | 9 months ago

    If your mind is youth and sport buy swift.If you are an executive and responsible family frontier buy dzire. You should have a desire to have your right pick. I too confused I asked the same question to my close friends .They suggested swift dzire. But I bought my dream hatchback swift.

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    Satyanarayan | 1 month ago

    For short run single- Swift Petrol, For long run single- Swift diesel, for short run family and friends- Dezire Petrol, for multi purpose- Dezire diesel.

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