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Jawa 42 2.1 First Ride Review

Is the new 42 2.1, the best Jawa on sale?

Feb 12, 2021

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  • Q. Hope you are a proud owner of a JAWA 42. Please clarify the overall performance, mileage, and service cost. What is the top speed you have reached. Is there any vibration issue before 120KM/Hr - 42 - 42 - 42?
    Anto | 1 year ago

    Mileage- 32-40kmpl depending on your handling and maintenance.Top speed- 142kmph on a smooth traffic free road. 125kmph can be easily and normally obtained, but crossing 120kmph gives a slight vibration to the rearview mirrors. If you are experienced enough to make out form that slightly vibrating mirrors, then you can go for such speeds.

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  • Q. I am planning to buy a bike but I am confused between Jawa 42 and Dominar 400(2019). I liked the Jawa because of its light weight, low seat height, easy manageability, mileage and peppy engine but hated the waiting period and all accessories to be paid. About Dominar I loved its power, led the headlights and modern technique like upside down fork, 3spark plug, DOHC etc, but I hated its poor mileage and heavy weight which makes it cumbersome in traffic as its not at all nibble. So kindly suggest me which I should go for. For reference my height is 5.5ft and age is 37years but still single, mostly ride solo, the place I live is hilly terrain.
    Sujit | 2 years ago

    Why don't you try the FZ 25, NS200, MT15. all these are comfortable to ride in the city , with great mileage and equally power full to the jawa . The FZ 25 is a oil cooled and 5 speed gearbox. the rest 2 are liquid cooled, with 6 speed gearbox. try these if it fits your requirements

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  • Q. What is the mileage of this bike - 42 - 42 - 42?
    Anto | 1 year ago

    @ Suresha | How abt maintenance cost? And per service how much charges

    Per service It costs around Rs.1500Other than that, if there is any issue on the Vehicle, most of it will be covered by warranty, and You won't be charged.I've not encountered any issues luckily.

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    • 1.8

      I'm just posting this review that not to buy jawa.Kindly go for another brand like re, Honda, Benelli, I just having the brake issues & engine noise till now.I have got applied warranty for 3 times and for 3months the vehicle remains in showroom even though they could not able to find the issues what the problem is? my vehicle engine got dis-assembled for 2 times.They have changed crankshaft assy, Balancer assy, Clutch assy, Bearings, Tensioner lifter and cam shaft.So the quality of the vehicle is worst and the services also worst they doesn't even know to service they have not trained yet.Coolent oil leakage, Many more complaints.On the day while booking and during the first and second service the response is too good but only for fake.And now i'm facing plenty of issues.Mr.Aariff ( service manager) who is accepting the problem and gave an plenty of reminders to him and a person from the classic legend manufacturing plant mr.Gireesh too got through mail.They are not given the proper solution i just go on looked about 10 vehicle on the showroom with the person aariff.Each and every vehicle has different - different sound with plenty of issues.

    • 5.0

      After launching there bikes after so long, jawa have still maintained there old school charm. Highely satisfied with the performance , pickup , handling , looks , design , exhust node , tyre size , capability of bike. It's so attention grabing thing, when ever I bring it on roads people starts following it to watch, many many lod people ask about bike, they say is it that old yedzi company's bike? Abhi bhi isme gear aur kick ek saath hai? Bahut badhiya hai ye to , kitne ki li? , and alot more.... I have lots of stories related to that bike which happens.....when you ride it , it feels like a nimbulled , well designed, a balanced design of colur of bike in many parts , with chrome along with matt black colour, and a very powerful , muscled , compact , powerful , machine. The amount of of power and torque delivers it engine in just 293 cc is really really amazing , more than 27 bhp of power in just 293 cc of engine is still is still so far from aal old and new rivals of this category. Highely satisfied with the bike, highely recommended, before buying any other bike must take a test ride of jawa, you will going to amazed.🤩

    • 1.8

      I bought a jawa 42, 6 months back and driven around 700kms, Within 3 months had faced problems with battery where battery gets drained fast and wasn't able to start the vehicle.Had to call jawa service and get it jump start and live it for service, The vehicle was in service for 5 days.I was told the issue has been fixed after recharging the battery, However now i am facing other problems where the engine gets shut off automatically while riding in the middle of the road.This is a serious problem as it could impact the life of the rider with accidents due to engine stalling frequently.On the other note i feel there is a serious battery connection problem in this vehicle and if you don't use it for 2 to 3 days the battery drains out very fast.With no kick start available you need to live the vehicle at the place where it gets stalled or wait for assistance.On the mileage this is fuel consuming monster and am getting only 20kms per litre which is increasing our fuel expenses.On the ride i feel comfortable for long distance.I repent now buying this vehicle and feel that i should have gone for either royal enfield 350 classic as the maintenance cost is very high in this.

    • 3.8

      There are repeated problems happening in my jawa 42 2.1 one after the other and things are getting very frustrated.Service centres are not skilled enough to solve them or the least identify them.You would have to live with the problem and indentify them yourself and fix them.No support waste of efforts.One good thing is i am becoming a bike mechanic.Let me list some issues.Sensors just won't work and malfunction after few months.Paint work is not good soon you will face rusting in larger areas.Battery rectifier which is used to recharge the battery on the go gets problem and end up pushing your vehicle miles on foot.Trust me kick starter would have to be made necessary since i can't trust the internals of jawa since one after other just ends up not working.The more i felt prestigious riding it the more it makes people to mock you.I started to feel like pushparaj pushing the huge machine all around the streets just to let others know that it's not a great machine.

    • 3.4

      Around 24 years ago i owned old jawa and rode it for thousands of km.It will thrill me each and every time i touch the handle bar & pump it to start the engine.The exhaust thump & interval between the next thump cant say in words.Flick & kick is a wonderful experience.I used to get mileage around 30 kmpl to 35 kmpl.Now to coming new jawa.I went test ride new jawa with imaginations & drove more than 210 km i got mileage of 23kmpl.Engine is powerful till 110 km/hr then it straining to climb speed with vibrations & becomes too noisy.The exhaust sound is like hero splendor bike.There are lots welding visually seen around new jawa.They recreated visibly old jawa.Visually good bike.I didn't get moved or ringed & impressed while riding.I never need a bike for visual pleasure.

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