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Q. When will 2021 KTM duke 390 will get released?
  • The 2021 KTM 390 Duke is expected to launch by May 2021. However, there is no official updated available from the brand's end. Stay tuned for further updates.
  • What will be the changes form KTM 390 2020? Any Idea?
Q. When will 2021 KTM duke 390 will get released?
  • Amy new additions or colour changes?
  • Probably may 2021
Q. Can I remove the Duke 390 exhaust as it sounds very bad. Will it be a problem ?
  • Making any changes to the stock bike may lapse the warranty, visit local service center or dealer for more info
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Q. Is KTM Duke 390 better or RC 390 better in speed and economically
  • Both have same parts so maintenance on both is exactly the same. Only the faring on the RC will cost you more.Both have the same engine and power. Duke will win a drag race because of the lighter weight.RC will win on the track because it is more committed to the track, better top speed and better aerodynamics.Duke is a favorite on the streets because its more comfortable, better for touring, everyday commuting and has a bigger tank.
  • I think rc 390 for racing because it has windshield it is very helpful for riding on highway because if you ride bike on highway so fast many windblast came so windshield Stop them so i think rc 390 but i personally like duke 390 specially design and power both bike are good
  • Both the bike are different from each other. performance is almost same but RC is more stable on high speed as it had better aerodynamics, economically both the bike are same. though duke is lighter that RC so performance will be different of course
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Q. My height is 5'4" will Duke 390 be comfortable for me or not?
  • Woow i see soo many people saying no , dude first of all go to show room n check for urself , secondly their are many shorter riders riding a tall bike depends on wether or not u will ride it in traffic or on highway , their is a way to stand still on a tall bike , u need to put ur left leg on the gear and right leg on the ground , thats how most of the shorter riders ride a adv as many of them are even 850mm above seat height , but if ur committed to ride i think nothing can stop u . Good luckAnd a word of advice for those geniuses who are advicing for change of suspension , i just hope u dont skid or bounce of ur bikePlease do not change suspension settings untill n unless ur on race track or adv track
  • The KTM Duke is a rather high seated bike and reaching the floor would be a full stretch. Besides it is a heavy bike and handling it requires a certain degree of physical strength. Try it personally and find out for yourself.
  • Please take a test ride of the DUKE 390 & only then make an informed decision.The seat height of the 2017 DUKE 390 is 825 mm. One just has to balance the motorcycle well. Hence, the test ride to figure that one out!
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Q. Is there some issues in DUKE 390?
  • Yes.. There are some issues which most of the people are not aware of... However, these issues are not that problematic that’s why they are not that much highlighted. Issue 1 - Call audio routing when using bluetooth on an iphone. So, this issue occurs when we are using an iphone with wired earphones. If we use Bluetooth wireless AirPods then there is no issue. Let’s consider that we are using wired earphones with an iphone. We have paired the iphone to our bike Duke 390. Now we get a call, we recieved the call using the handlebar button, the audio will not be there in the earphones.. it will not go to speaker phone also and not even on phone... if in case you are riding, you have to manually select the audio to headphones by clicking on the speaker icon on your iphone touchscreen. This means you have to stop, take phone out of your pocket then recieve the call.. whereas, if you are using an android phone it automatically routes to earphones. Issue 2 - If you are riding in traffic or slow moving traffic you will notice that the RPM is not stable most of the times which sometimes might give you a j**k in the initial stage and also you will face lots and lots of heat coming out from engine / radiator fan being in traffic near your legs. The exhaust system is not given beneath the bike unlike RR310 so you will feel the heat directly on your legs. Issue 3 - If you ride it on uneven roads or on a road which is not very well maintained.. has potholes.. uneven surfaces etc. You will face lot of vibration in the bike as the parts gets loosened up easily... in every service you have to inform them about the vibration, they will try to fix it.. but again after sometime that vibration will re-occur if you ride on such roads or repeatedly on high RPM’s above 6,500. Issue 4 - The front brake and abs functionality is amazing and flawless.. but when it comes to the rear brakes it is not that efficient... you have to literally press the rear brake pedal with your ankle instead of toes in order to stop the bike in a panic situation or emergency...
  • Nope. Not even one. Apart from the stock tyres. Metzelers are racing tyres and will not last long. i have been using duke 390 and it still runs like a new brand new bike. considering you to a time to time service. Fuel tank is not that big but in a full (approx 10 litres, not considering reserve fuel) tank you can still manage around 240 kms depending on your riding style. i a have managed to achieve 35-37 kmpl in city riding
  • I have just bought it 2 and half months back till now I didn't get any issues and I even compleated my 1st service also after buying that I kept my bike aside for a month due to some of my personal reasons when I tried to start it, it started immediately but battery power has decresed when I went to showroom they just charged and gave it back to me with free of cost till now I didn't get any issue's other than that
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