Interview with Chetaan Shedjale - Chief Designer, Harley-Davidson Street Rod

  • by Arun Mohan Nadar
  • October 6, 2017
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The Harley-Davidson Street Rod is the second motorcycle to be built based on the Street 750. While the Street 750 was closer to Harley's DNA of a cruiser motorcycle, the Street Rod has an urban flair about it. We catch up with Chetaan Shedjale, Senior Designer, Harley-Davidson; the Indian who has designed the Harley-Davidson Street 750 and Street Rod for the world! In our conversation, we ask Chetaan what was the inspiration for the new bike and how he came up with the final design. The job of a motorcycle designer is not an easy one, and we hear from the master itself about the challenges that a designer faces. Not all concepts reach production, so how do a designer and engineer reach a collective conscience before the final version breaks cover? Last but not least, Chetaan shares with us his take on an ideal motorcycle and his memories of working with Massimo Tamburini, who is regarded as the God of motorcycle design.
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