Auto Expo 2023 - Ultraviolette F99 - The Dawn of Electric Racing in India | Walkaround Review

Ultraviolette has been teasing us with their F77 electric sport bike for years now. After their original “launch” in 2019, and our subsequent test ride the same year, the team went into radio silence during the pandemic and completely reworked the bike. What we got at the end of 2021 was an insane electric motorcycle claiming a range of over 300km.


But Ultraviolette totally blew us away at Auto Expo 2023 with the F99 Factory Racing Platform. This F99 takes the F77’s performance to another level. The F99 gets a new electric motor that  now makes 50kW of peak power, and the bike has obviously been stripped of all the necessities of a road bike, like a headlight, indicators, etc. So we’re guessing it’ll be a little lighter than the F77 too. So it’s able to clock a top speed of 200kmph. Although Ultraviolette hasn’t mentioned anything about the F99’s battery pack, we assume it’ll have the same 10.3kWh battery pack from the F77. So don’t expect a lot of range though when belting it around a track.


The rest of the F99’s hardware, like the suspension and brakes, seems to be shared with the F77. But what makes the F99 race worthy are its aerodynamic bits like the fins on the fairing, the sharp tail fins, a full rear wheel cover, Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa tyres and adjustable ergonomics. This is of course India’s first electric racing bike, and we’ll have to wait and see if Ultraviolette starts their own racing league or privateers start their own electric racing series in the country.


Host - Ishan Lee

DOP - Nikhil Rege


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  • by Ishan Lee
  • January 15, 2023
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