Auto Expo 2023 - Benda LFC 700 and LFS 700 Unveiled | Walkaround Review | Packing Some Real Muscle

Adishwar Auto Group, the company responsible for getting us multiple modern Chinese bike brands like Benelli, Keeway and Zontes in India through their Moto Vautl brand, has just showcased a very cool looking cruisers and a roadster from Benda at the ongoing Auto Expo 2023. Called the LFC 700 and the LFS 700, these two bikes pack some serious muscle.


The LFC 700 is powered by a 680cc inline-four engine that puts out 92.5PS at a whopping 11,000rpm and 63Nm of torque at 8500rpm. If you think these numbers are more appropriate for sportbikes, you’d be right as the LFC 700 looks like a futuristic cruiser straight out of a cyberpunk anime. But then, it is quite the burly beast at 275kg. It gets a very cool four pipe exhaust sticking out at one side and a massive cast swingarm that flanks a huge 310-section rear tyre.


The LFS 700 is powered by the same motor as the LFC, but is positioned as a sporty roadster/flat-tracker hybrid, and reminds us a lot of the Indian FTR. That said, the motor has been detuned to produce only 75PS, but the torque output has been bumped up to 65Nm. But at 226kg, it is considerably lighter than the LFC 700. It sports twin flat exhaust pipes behind tail panels that look like racing number plates.


Unfortunately, Moto Vault has no plans of launching these two extreme Bendas in India at the moment, and are only showcasing them at Auto Expo 2023 to gauge potential buyers’ reactions.


Host - Jehan Darukanawala

DOP - Nikhil Rege


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  • by Jehan Adil Darukhanawala
  • January 17, 2023
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