What To Expect From Kawasaki This Year

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  • Jan 12, 2020
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From the mad ZH2 to the updated 2020 model lineup, here’s what the Japanese bike maker has in its store for us

Kawasaki unveiled a range of updated motorcycles in the second half of 2019 along with some brand new models. But which of these motorcycles will Kawasaki bring to India this year? Scroll down to find out


Kawasaki was the only manufacturer who brought something exciting to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. We mean, you’ll always prefer the crazy Ninja ZX-25R and the insane supercharged ZH2 over small electric scooters, right? While the Ninja ZX-25R is unlikely to come to our shores anytime soon (insert sad emoji), we can definitely expect Kawasaki to launch the ZH2 in India this year. The 998cc engine is supercharged (’cause why not?) and pumps out 200PS of power at 11,000rpm and 137Nm of torque at 8500rpm. But how different is it from the H2? What’s the difference in power? Does it have the same set of underpinnings? Find out the answer to these questions and more here. Kawasaki is likely to launch the ZH2 in India soon, and it could be priced between Rs 30 lakh to Rs 33 lakh (ex-showroom). 

2020 Models: 

Kawasaki has started rolling out its BS6-compliant motorcycles in India, so we expect the Japanese manufacturer to bring the rest of its updated models in a phased manner soon. Some of the models have already launched abroad, including the new Ninja 1000, the Versys 1000 and the W800. While most of the motorcycles have received just a mild cosmetic update, some like the 2020 Ninja 1000 now come with an updated electronics suite. 

Well, that’s about it. A brand new motorcycle and the 2020 model lineup is what we are likely to receive from Kawasaki this year. If anyone from Kawasaki is reading this, can we please get the ZX-25R here so that we can hear that screaming inline-four?


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