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Breaking: 2023 Kawasaki ZH2 & ZH2 SE Launched

It continues to be one insane streetfighter, but now with a fresher look

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Kawasaki just launched the 2023 ZH2 and ZH2 SE, the updated avatar of its supercharged streetfighters. The concept of supercharging a production bike still makes us giggle in disbelief, but these 200PS giants from Kawasaki have settled down rather nicely. All while staying within a palatable price range for bikes with superchargers on them.

In the 2023 update, it appears as though the bikes themselves remain the same in all aspects but aesthetics. For this year both bikes will now be available in a single new shade called ‘Metallic matte graphene steel Gray’. Virtually everything else stays the same - power, torque, frame, underpinnings, features, everything… except for the price. 

Before, the ZH2 and ZH2 SE cost Rs 22.79 lakh and Rs 26.95 lakh respectively. Now, the 2023 model will set you back by Rs 23.02 lakh and Rs 27.22 lakh for the ZH2 and ZH2 SE respectively. Paying almost Rs 30,000 for a fresh coat of paint seems a bit steep, but we guess even giants experience inflation. 

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