Holi 2023 Special - Bikes With The Most Colour Options

  • Mar 7, 2023
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Which two-wheeler sold in India best embodies the Holi spirit?

The festival of colours is upon us, and over the next two days, every hue imaginable to humanity will be visible everywhere – even on people’s faces! Moreover, some manufacturers take a step ahead, already showcasing a gamut of colours on some of their offerings. So here’s a categorised list of two-wheelers with most colours, currently on sale in India.

100-110cc segment: Hero Splendor Plus - 12 colours

The Hero Splendor Plus, the highest-selling bike for time immemorial, with over two lakh bikes sold in January 2023, also offers the most colours in the segment. Among the single-tone colours we have Bumblebee Yellow, Beetle Red, and Firefly Golden, while the dual-tone colours include (deep breath) Heavy Grey Green, Black With Purple, Matte Shield Gold, Black With Red, Black With Silver, Silver Nexus Blue, Butterfly Yellow, Sunshine Gold, and Ruby Red. Phew!

125cc segment: Yamaha Fascino - Nine colours

The Yamaha Fascino 125 has a lot going for it. It’s the first two-wheeler in India with hybrid assist, is the lightest and is also the most efficient scooter in the market today. And now, the top disc-equipped variant also boasts the most colours. First there’s the Vivid Red, Yellow cocktail, Cyan Cocktail, Metallic Black, Dark Matte Blue, and Cool Blue Metallic, all of which can be had on the drum brake variant too. The final three colours, Vivid Red, Matte Black, and Dark Matte Blue, are unique to the disc brake variant.

150cc segment: Yamaha R15 - Five colours

The Yamaha R15 V4 is, as the name suggests, the fourth iteration of the bike that’s been giving the authentic ‘sport bike’ feel to riders for over a decade. Moreover, it offers a host of tech like variable valve actuation, traction control and a quickshifter, unheard-of in this segment. And as is pertinent for this article, it can be had in a total of five colours, the smallest number in today’s group. So while the R15 V4 can be had in three colours – Metallic Red, Dark Knight, and Racing Blue – the Yamaha R15 M is available in Metallic Grey and the special WGP 60th Edition colours.

Up to 350cc segment: Royal Enfield Classic 350 - 15 colours

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The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has been the go-to choice for those looking for a relaxed tourer for more than a decade, and such is its charm that it has already sold more units than the Meteor 350 within a year of its launch. And like its astounding sales figure, Royal Enfield also offers an astounding number of colours: fifteen! 

So starting off, we get the Halcyon Black, Halcyon Green and Halcyon Grey. Then come the two signal colours: Signals Marsh Grey and Signals Desert Sand. Then there are the Redditch Sage Green and Redditch Red. Following them are the Chrome Red and Chrome Bronze colours. And finally, there are the Gunmetal Grey and Dark Stealth Black colours.  

And lest we forget, the number of colours is another criteria the Classic beats the Meteor 350, as the latter makes do with only 14 colours. 

650cc and above: RE Interceptor 650 - Seven colours

Royal Enfield’s dominance on colour schemes continues into the high-capacity bracket as well, with the Interceptor 650 offering seven colours. First we have the single-tone colours: Canyon Red, Ventura Blue, and Orange Crush. These are followed by the dual-tone options: Downtown Drag, Baker Express, and Sunset Strip. And finishing off the list is Mark 2, the only chrome option.

Electric - Ola S1 lineup - 12 colours

The final entrant on today’s listicle is, of course, an electric vehicle. And while most manufacturers are content with two to three colour options (cough, Ather, cough), Ola has gone the whole hog and equalled the number set by the Hero Splendor. Moreover, Ola hasn’t skimped out across its lineup either. So whether it is the entry-level S1 Air, the mid-variant S1, or the range-topping S1 Pro, all of them can be had in 12 colours. And surprisingly, all of them are single-tone options. 

The colours in Ola's lineup are Gerua, Porcelain White, Khaki, Neo Mint, Coral Glam, Jet Black, Marshmellow, Liquid Silver, Millennial Pink, Anthracite, Midnight Blue, and Matt Black.

So which bike (and which colour) suits your fancy? We’d love to know. And from all of us to all of you: Happy Holi!

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