EXCLUSIVE Yamaha Fascino 125 Hybrid Road Test Review

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  • Aug 16, 2021
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By how much does the micro-hybrid system improve the Fascino’s performance and frugality?


Yamaha last updated the Fascino with a larger engine to meet BS6-emission norms. Along with the new engine, it also threw in a few cosmetic updates. While the scooter seemed promising, the one area where it felt lacking compared to its rivals was features. 

But Yamaha rolled out an updated version to remedy this problem. The 2021 Fascino 125 Hybrid is not only smarter and quicker, but feature-rich too. What does this mean for you in the real world? 


Smart Performance

The talking point for the Fascino is obviously its updated engine. While it uses the same 125cc fuel-injected motor, it now gets micro-hybrid technology which makes it more torquey and fuel-efficient. The system works using an onboard lithium-ion battery, positioned in the floorboard, and the Smart Motor Generator (SMG), the same motor used to silently start the scooter, which functions as an electric motor assist. 


2021 Fascino Hybrid

Fascino BS6

Engine & Displacement

125cc, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine + electric assist

125cc, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine


8.2PS @ 6500rpm

8.2PS @ 6500rpm


10.3Nm @ 5000rpm

9.7Nm @ 5000rpm




This essentially fills in the torque lag ICE engine’s are usually known for. Think something on the lines of the Toyota Camry Hybrid, but in a much-much smaller package. The result is 0.6Nm more torque and a linear power delivery that’s perfect for city commutes. 


2021 Fascino Hybrid

Fascino BS6


16.89 seconds

17.84 seconds

But, the system isn't perfect. You see, Yamaha claims that the added boost from the electric motor is available lower down the revs, which helps you get off the line better, or simply scooter away from a signal quicker. And they are correct to a certain extent because the Fascino hybrid, in our tests turned out to be a whole second quicker to 80kmph compared to the older model. BUT, that isn’t the entire story.


2021 Fascino Hybrid

Fascino BS6


4.19 seconds

4.09 seconds


8.80 seconds

8.66 seconds

Roll-on Acceleration



4.39 seconds

5.17 seconds

In both of our 0-40kmph and 0-60kmph test runs, the new Fascino was in fact a tenth slower. Confused, right? Allow me to explain. The actual improvement arrives in the mid-range. So when you roll on the throttle, the SMG spools up the motor enough to offer a linear surge of torque. This makes the Fascino Hybrid significantly quicker in roll-on acceleration, and thus, makes the scooter a lot easier to ride. You’re always in the meat of the powerband, which makes quick overtakes in city traffic look like child's play. 

Our only niggle with the engine is that it isn’t as smooth as before. There are mild vibes felt on the floor and bars. They are troublesome, but we felt it could have been isolated better.


More Fuel Efficient? 

Fuel Efficiency

2021 Fascino Hybrid

Fascino BS6




The smoother power delivery directly correlates to the scooter’s fuel efficiency. Our city fuel efficiency runs had the hybrid system extract around 3kmpl more than the outgoing Fascino, which was already the most fuel-efficient scooter we'd tested in the 125cc scooter space.  


Harsh Ride Quality


2021 Fascino Hybrid

Suspension - Front


Suspension - Rear


Tyre - Front


Tyre - Rear


Brake Front

Disc -190mm, Drum - 130mm

Brake Rear

130mm Drum



Ground Clearance


Kerb Weight


This is where things get a bit err…. weird. The suspension setup on the earlier BS6 model worked fine. Sure, the rear monoshock was a bit on the firmer side but it wasn’t alarmingly so. For the 2021 model, Yamaha decided to further stiffen up the suspension which makes the ride borderline harsh. But while you feel the sharp bumps it does a decent enough job at flattening the others.

On the bright side, despite all the updates, the Fascino still tips the scale at just 99kg (kerb), remaining the lightest scooter in the 125cc segment. The scooter feels surprisingly nimble, making switching through traffic and simply moving the scooter around in the parking lot an absolute breeze. 


High On Features

Features are one of the most important aspects of modern scooters. The more the merrier! And the 2021 model finally fits the bills. It gets a couple of extra goodies like a full-digital console, picked right off the Ray ZR 125. While it's a clean display with legible readouts, we wished it was as intuitive and comprehensive as the unit on the TVS NTorq. It looks a bit too simple in our opinion, which doesn't always have to be a bad thing.   

Move up the spectrum, and you could opt for the top-spec variant which gets Bluetooth connectivity. This gives you access to features like answer back, ride history, last parked location, hazard lights, and parking records. 

Then there is the new full-LED headlight which has good spread and throw but isn’t as bright as other 125cc rivals. The lack of depth in the beam means it is a bit hard to focus on smaller details. 

Last but not the least, is the addition of the side stand engine cut off feature. A welcomed safety feature, and a must-have on all two-wheelers. You can also opt for a USB charger which is offered as an optional extra.


So, Is The Fascino Hybrid Recommending?

Most definitely. It's smarter, quicker, livelier, easier to ride in city traffic, not to mention, more fuel-efficient! Something buyers would appreciate considering the sky-rocketing fuel costs. Moreover, the added features and bold new colour schemes put the Fascino Hybrid in a better position to take on its rivals.

It's now a well-rounded family-oriented product with some serious poke. And when you factor in the small premium you have to pay over the earlier BS6 model, the Fascino Hybrid makes a lot of sense.

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